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Chicago Carnival Food At Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest: Delicious Treats!

If you have been craving delicious carnival food and find yourself in the Chicago area, or really anywhere in Illinois, we’ve got just the tonic for you – the delicious treats at Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest! In past posts we’ve highlighted our wide variety of rides and other attractions we are excited to offer. This year, we’ve got more attractions than ever before, with plenty of the classics that families have come to know and love. But today we are highlighting our carnival-style food and drink choices that we have available this year, so read on if you’re interested in satisfying your craving for some yummy snacks!

Rogue Curbside Kitchen

If you are a fan of food trucks and plain old good food, you’ll love these guys. Choose from gourmet burgers, shrimp tempura sandwiches, buffalo chicken sandwiches done right, and much more!

Fresh Apple Cider Donuts

Have you ever had an apple cider donut? Perhaps you have, but they probably weren’t as fresh as the ones we’ve got. Our are made daily, and are just to die for. You can get them in the Big Red Food Barn, The Donut Shack near the Fun Slide. If you want some to-go, we’ve also got them available in six packs. They’re really, really good, and might be worth the short 40 minute drive from Chicago on their own.

Uncle Bub’s Award Winning BBQ

You probably don’t want to feed your family just donuts, otherwise they might crash after their sugar buzz and miss out on our pig race or the petting zoo! Luckily, we’ve got Uncle Bub’s Award Winning BBQ. And that’s not just a made-up name either. These guys are winners of the Chicago Ribfest.

Wooden Paddle Pizza

Authentic pizza cooked in a wood burning oven at a pumpkin patch? That’s right, guys! We’ve got natural ingredients and a variety of toppings. It’s not Chicago deep-dish, but it will definitely satisfy!

El Taco Cocina

If you are a taco fan, we’ve got just thing with these gourmet tacos. With in-house salsas and authentic tacos, El Taco Cocina is open daily and their taco truck can be found right next to the corn box. Choose from tacos, nachos, quesadillas, empanadas, chips, and much more!

Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is delicious no matter what time of year it is, and for the little ones who have never seen or tasted it before, it can be really funny to watch them try it for the first time!

Funnel Cakes

Our funnel cake is like the rest of our food, yummy. Powdered sugar and put through the deep fryer, it’s carnival food at its best!

Kettle Corn

We are proud to offer our secret family kettle corn recipe to anyone who wants it this year! Just kidding, we’ll never do that! But we are happy to continue to offer it at our yearly pumpkin festival in Homer Glen. Once you try some, you’ll wish you had the recipe for the rest of the year, but we’ll never give it away. Muhaha.

Pizza And Roasted Sweet Corn

Get your roasted sweet corn, a classic fall treat. A little butter, a little salt, it just tastes like summer and autumn. And a giant slice of pizza needs no season to help it along!

The Food Barn

The food barn is stocked with hot chocolate, coffee, soda, cotton candy, chips, kettle corn, nachos, chili, hot dogs, nachos and cheese, pumpkin spiced cappuccinos, bottled water, and more. Come warm up inside if it’s a chilly day, too!

Toasty Cheese Food Truck

Our last food option we want to highlight today is the Toasty Cheese Food Truck. Come get a grilled cheese sandwich like you’ve never had before. They use the finest ingredients and blend them with their creative approach to an American staple. You’ll love it!

Stop By Bengtson’s

We would love to have you make a day of it here at our pumpkin patch. We’ve got much more than delicious carnival food, as you’ve just read. This year, we are pulling out all the stops to make this near-Chicago pumpkin festival the best yet! We’ve got new rides and attractions and the lowest prices ever. When you consider the fact that we’ve got a little bit of everything so kids and adults of any age can have a great time, we hope you’ll make the choice to come visit us this year. Get in touch with us  or come visit us today!