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Chicago Pumpkin Fest 2017: The BIGGEST Year Yet!

Located at 13341 W 151st St. in Homer Glen, Illinois, Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest is just a short drive away from Chicago, and even closer to communities like Bolingbrook, Orland Park, and Joilet! We’ve been family owned and operating for 37 years now, and we can comfortably say that this year is the BIGGEST pumpkin fest yet! Keep reading to find out why, but for now, know that we are open from September 15 – October 30th, we offer unlimited rides everyday, and we’ve worked hard to make this one of the best pumpkin farms in the entire nation.

Our All New Cow Spinner

Among our many fall activities and attractions here at one of the biggest pumpkin farms in the state (and maybe the nation), we bring you the newest addition to our Homer Glen pumpkin festival: our ALL NEW COW SPINNER? What’s a “cow spinner?” Great question, we are glad you asked. Our cow spinner is a kiddie roller coaster, of sorts.

Among the many ride options you will find at the Barnyard Dance, the spinning cow coaster is a great intro for little ones into the wonderful world of roller coasters, theme parks, and thrill seeking. Listening to the wee ones squeal with delight as they go around mild turns is all-too-enjoyable. It’s a smooth and gentle ride where they can feel like a grown up without any of the fear of an actual loopty-looper. Parents, and maybe even some teenagers will love riding through the open pasture in our country farm.

Rides The Older Kids Can Enjoy

That is just one of the 8 unlimited rides we offer EVERYDAY here at our close-to Chicago pumpkin farm. Among some of our other more active rides are the Happy Swing, Twirling Honey Pots, and our 90’ Mega Fun Slides! Let’s take a closer look at these rides that people of all ages can enjoy!

  • You have to be 36” tall to ride the Happy Swing. Introduced to our pumpkin festival in 2014, this one is perfect for a family of four or five to enjoy all at the same time! It’s one of our UNLIMITED fun rides, and swings up and down and back and forth. Ride it again, and again, and again, then maybe stop and let someone else have a turn.
  • The Twirling Honey Pots are great for older and younger kids alike because you can determine the rate at which you spin and move around. Ride one of six honey pots that rest on a spinning platform. Older kids love the control of moving and spinning around freely.
  • The Mega Fun Slide is true to its name, and is one of the best “pumpkin farm things to do”, if you were wondering. It’s 90 feet, which is no small figure. One of the most popular pumpkin farm attractions around, people of all ages consistently tell us that this one is a family favorite. We have a well-trained staff here at our pumpkin patch, and take care that every single ride and attraction is as safe as possible. We love to have fun here at Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm, but safety is always our priority.

Come Visit Our Illinois Pumpkin Patch

That’s just one of our many new attractions at this year’s pumpkin festival. Stay tuned for more updates on new rides and attractions that we are offering this year, or, just come out and see for yourself! We offer a variety of cuisines at our food trucks, with enough carnival food to give the kids a sugar rush so huge they will be sure to crash from on the car ride home. For parents, that means a little bit of peace and quiet on the way back, hopefully.

If you are interested in experiencing a fall tradition that your family is sure to enjoy, come visit our Homer Glen pumpkin patch today. We would love to have you this year, and remember that we offer group rate discounts on birthday parties, corporate events, senior outings, special need group trips, and more!