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The Glorious History of One of Our Favorite Fall Activities

Pumpkin Cannon ready to fire

Pumpkin Cannon ready to fire

Is there anything cooler than pumpkin chucking? We don’t think so! Apparently, neither do the visitors to Bengston’s Pumpkin Farm because our pumpkin chucker is one of the favorite pumpkin farm attractions! Our chucker can launch a pumpkin more than a quarter of a mile, or overĀ one thousand feet! It’s located at the south end of our farm, so you’ll be able to appreciate it’s launching distance from a number of our other pumpkin farm attractions, including the pumpkin patch.

The History of Pumpkin Chucking

We certainly aren’t the first ones to think throwing pumpkins long distances is cool! The activity takes some inspiration from medieval fighting, which saw the use of catapults to throw large stones long distances into the opposing enemy. It’s also inspired by the large cannons used in 19th-century warfare, although some of those cannons could shoot their ammo more than 10 miles. We don’t have any enemy armies to fight, but launching a pumpkin like that seemed like a cool idea.

Pumpkin chucking isn’t purely for entertainment purposes! It’s a serious hobby for many people around the world. There are many pumpkin chucking competitions held across the United States every fall, but things got serious in the mid-1980’s when the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association started their annual event in Delaware. At its peak, more than 100 teams competed for the title of World Champion. You might have seen the event on television, too, where it’s been showcased by many of the science shows.

The World Record for Pumpkin Chucking

While we’re quite proud of our chucker that can launch a pumpkin more than 1000 feet, it’s nothing compared to the World Record! The honor goes to a pumpkin launcher that sent its pumpkin more than 5,000 feet in Moab, Utah in 2010. We’ll see what we can do about juicing up the Bengston’s Pumpkin Launcher to get a little closer to that kind of launching power!

Come See Our Launcher in Action

Want to see the Bengston’s Pumpkin Launcher for yourself? Come out to our pumpkin farm this month. We’ll be open until October 30th and our launcher is always in action (weather permitting!). The launcher is included in your admission and you’ll get to enjoy a variety of other pumpkin farm attractions during your visit. The launcher is something that kids and adults can enjoy together. We can’t wait to wow you with our launching capabilities so plan your visit to Bengston’s Pumpkin farm today.