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Great Pumpkin Farm Attractions for Animal Lovers

There is so much to do this year at Bengston’s Pumpkin Farm! It’s not just for pumpkin lovers, either. Our pumpkin farm is a great place for your little ones to get up close and personal with animals they don’t normally get to see! It’s not only a great educational opportunity, it’s a chance to get some awesome photos of your little ones. Check out some of our animal attractions!

A Pumpkin Patch Guide for Animal Lovers

A camel from our petting zoo in ILCheck out our petting zoo.

The petting zoo is included in the price of admission, so you can’t miss it! There will be plenty of adorable animals on hand, and you can even help us feed them. Cows, camels, kangaroos and more are all waiting to see you at our petting zoo.

Pick the fastest pig for the Pig Races.

The pigs have been training all year! We’ll run the pig races every hour on the hour, starting one hour after opening. You’ll be amazed at how fast our pigs can run! Challenge each other to pick the winner and see if you can guess who will be the champion.

Catch a ride on a camel.

This isn’t an opportunity you get every day in Illinois, but you’ll find it at Bengston’s Pumpkin Farm this fall. For just $7, you can ride on the back of one of our friendly camels. Great for adults, too! You can enjoy more traditional pony rides for $5, too.

Get Your Tickets Today

The Bengston’s Pumpkin Fest won’t last forever, unfortunately! We’ll be open until October 30th, after which we’ll close for the year. That means you need to get tickets for your whole family so you can enjoy everything we have to offer! Check out our website for driving directions and plan your visit to Bengston’s Pumpkin Farm today.