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Highlighting Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest’s Attractions, Part One

We have a wide range of rides, exhibits, and attractions here at Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest. We’ve been around for 37 years now, and you know when a family-owned and operated business of any kind has been part of a community for that long, we’re doing something right. That “something right” could be a variety of things, but we are pretty sure the fact that we offer unlimited rides, incredible food and snacks, and fun for the whole family has a lot to do with it. We get started on September 15th this year, and go on until October 30th. That’s plenty of time to take the family out for a fun afternoon, have a great birthday party, or even have an unforgettable corporate event here at Bengtson’s!

We’ve got quite a bit to offer here, as we are quite a bit more than just your average pumpkin farm. Let’s take a quick look at the attractions that are in store for you this year.

Selfie Booth

It’s 2017, and that means selfie-booths are a must-have no matter if you are a mall or a pumpkin farm. But ours is better than your average booth because as soon as you are done taking your pics, you have the choice to text, email, or post it to social media for no cost! A great idea is to come back every year so you can watch your family grow up over the years! See? Who said modern technology can’t bring families together?

Gemstone and Arrowhead Mining Sluice

Don’t know what a sluice is? Then you gotta pay extra to come in. Just kidding! But in case you don’t know, a mining sluice gate is essentially a transportable gate that allows water to flow under it. The whole family will get to experience the RUSH that Americans of old felt when the water came down with rocks, minerals, and maybe even gold! The kiddos will absolutely love being able to go through the sifting boxes so you can watch the water uncover riches. Then you can walk away with your choice of three different treasure bags, each with their own selection of gemstones, ancient arrowheads, and more!

Pumpkin Chucker

One of our most popular attractions at our pumpkin farm is certainly the Pumpkin Chucker. The chucker can launch a full-sized pumpkin over a quarter-mile! This is one of our attractions that even grumpy teenagers can enjoy, so it’s one you can’t miss as long as the weather allows it!

Pig Races

The pig race ends at 2, and the pork roast is served at 3. Just joking, but that would certainly get a rise out of people! In seriousness, we have pig races throughout the day, happening 9-11 times every day. The first starts at noon and the last one at 8pm, Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, the pig race starts an hour earlier at 11am.

This is an event that you have to check out in person. While it’s a spectacle in its own right, you can also pick your prized pig that you will think will win it all. Make sure you check out “THE PRAIRIE DOGS” as a warm-up act, for a surprising show!

Barnyard Animals & Petting Zoo

Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest wouldn’t be complete without a host of petting zoo animals that are sure to delight the kids. You’ll be able to hand feed them at no extra cost beyond the price of admission. Choose from goats, pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys, and more at the animal barn. And don’t forget about pony rides for the kids under 80 lbs! Those will set you back just 5 bucks, which isn’t too bad!

Train Rides

In 2016 we added a second station! Now We’ve got the Hootenanny Railroad and the Clickety Clack Railroad! On the Clickety Clack Railroad ride you’ll get to go around the Pumpkin Junction. On our classic Hootenanny Railroad, you’ll get to take a lap around the grounds while you give your barking dogs a rest. Little ones absolutely love it. That alone is one of the main reasons we keep doing what we have been doing for nearly 40 years.

90′ Mega Fun Slide

90 feet is a ways, especially when you’re talking vertical distance. We’ve got six lanes open so the whole family can race against each other! Just like the Pumpkin Chucker, this is an attraction that even the teenagers can get behind and enjoy. For the little ones, it’s a great, tame way to introduce them to a baby roller-coaster, if you will. They’ll get butterflies in their stomach without getting too scared.

Frog Hopper

One of our most popular kiddie rides, the Frog Hopper rises way above the rest of the farm, and then, without warning, bounces you back down. In the same vein as the Mega Fun Slide, it’s an awesome mini-thrill that the kids just won’t be able to get enough of. Check out the Frog Hopper for a one-of-a-kind experience, and don’t forget your camera to capture the moment!

Flying Frogs Ride

Pumpkins and frogs go hand-in-hand, right? We think so at least, and so do the kids, if their smiling faces are any indication. On our Flying Frogs Ride, the little ones will get to sit down inside one of six giant frogs, buckle up, and then bounce around like a frog while the ride goes round and round! Bengtson’s is your go-to for family fun and exciting rides!

Out of our eighteen classic attractions, we’ve talked about nine of them. As you can see, we’ve got a wide variety of family-fun activities, rides, and attractions to choose from. In part two we will take a look at our pumpkin patches, Twirling Honey Pots, and much more. So whether you have a family with a teenager or are planning to take five or six youngsters to their very first pumpkin fest, everyone is sure to have a blast. With free parking, and the lowest admission price available without a coupon, why not make a day of it?