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Highlighting Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest’s Attractions, Part Two

In part one of this mini-series describing our many attractions here at Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest, we highlighted our free selfie booth, our train track rides, the incredible Pumpkin Chucker, and even our 90’ Mega Fun Slide that the whole family can enjoy! Yes, even sullen teenagers will love it, even if they act like they may not enjoy it at first.

Located in Homer Glen, Illinois, Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest has been an exciting attraction for families from Chicago and, really, all around Illinois. We’ve been in business for almost 40 years now, and we absolutely love it. This year is primed to be the biggest and most exciting year yet, so look out for a future post which describes what is BRAND NEW, because it’s one that you surely won’t want to miss.

But for now, we are taking a look at our classic attractions that people have come to know and love. Let’s dive right back in!

Our Pumpkin Patch

If you’ve been to your share of pumpkin patches but have yet to visit ours just a short drive outside of SW Chicago, you are in for a special treat. Really. We take pride in having the best pumpkins you’ll find in Illinois, and maybe beyond. But just because they are great, it doesn’t mean you have to break the piggy bank to get your hands on them! We price our orange pumpkins at just .39 cents per pound, with the white ones being charged at .50 cents.

But the fun part is you get to pick them out yourself, choosing from tens of thousands to find the one that suits you. We have pie pumpkins and gourds for sale as well. We’ve got you covered with wheelbarrows you can rent for just a buck! Look out for a future post on some tips on pumpkin care and carving tips!

Twirling Honey Pots

The Twirling Honey Pots ride has been a favorite kiddie ride for a while now, and for good reason. The best part is that you get to choose precisely how madly or mildly you would like to spin, so there isn’t any need to worry about getting sick or scared. You set your own pace, and get to control the direction of you spin as well.

Happy Swing

Coming out in 2014, Happy Swing is a fun one everybody can enjoy, assuming you are taller than 36”. Great for people of any age, one swing seats six across, which makes it a great photo opportunity. Like pretty much all of our attractions, you get unlimited rides for the price of general admission!

Bengtsonville Kids Village

The little ones will flip out when they see this old-timey town, complete with a little schoolhouse, fire station, jailhouse (complete with bars that they can stick their cute heads through), and more. It makes for a great photo opportunity, as well as giving you a chance to find a seat and take a breather. Because before long, your kiddos will want to go on another ride! Take the chances when they come, is our advice.

Haunted Barn

Bengtson Pumpkin Fest has a wide variety of attractions you might not be able to find anywhere else, but an essential element to any harvest festival or Halloween themed pumpkin farm has to be a haunted attraction of some sort. Our Haunted Barn is rated PG-13, so while it might not be appropriate for the little tikes, the pre-teen and teenage crowd will certainly enjoy an attraction just for them. But we should point out that no one under 12 is allowed to enter without being with an adult, because, honestly, it’s spooky!

The Milking Cows

Ahh, the Milking Cows. “Elsie & Bessie” have been a mainstay at Bengtson for some time now. They are life-sized milking cows that kids will love getting to enjoy the life-like experience of milking them. It’s pretty much as realistic as it gets, unless you want to risk getting kicked by an actual bovine.

Jimmy Cracked Corn Box

So maybe you’ve been reading up on all of our go-to attractions and you find yourself critically thinking, “Man, I’ve been to pumpkin fests with cooler stuff than these guys have got.” We would like to counter that uninformed opinion with two points. First, you’ve got no idea the kind of cool stuff we are rolling out for our 2017 season, so withhold judgment until then. Secondly, we haven’t even told you about our corn boxes yet! Our corn boxes are giant, and are made up of 56,000 pounds, or 1,000 bushels of corn. Kids and adults alike love jumping in and playing in the corn like crazy people. Come make a corn angel and some memories!

Fun Barn

If you are a fan of barns but not haunted things, we’ve got an alternative for you. Our Fun Barn is great for all ages, and is a nice break from the hussle and bussle of some of the other rides!

Pony Rides

Riding a real-life pony ride is something a child won’t soon forget. And with the ability to take pictures of their delighted faces, you won’t be forgetting their smile anytime soon either! All you have to be is over 80 pounds, and pay $5 for a ride. You’ll get to walk alongside your little dude or dudette, so they can be comfortable while they experience something special.

So there you have it, our traditional attractions here at Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest. And while you are likely to have gobs of fun with the ones described above, we are so excited to tell you guys about what is coming up this year, brand new for 2017! Be sure to watch this space in the short-term future for a post dedicated to exactly that.

And remember, we offer the lowest prices, without having to use a coupon to get them. Kids under 2 get in for FREE, unlimited rides are included for everybody, and we offer free parking as well. Rates vary depending on the day you come visit us, but we are offering 20 days this year at under $10 for admission. Mark you calendar for a trip to 13341 W 151st St. Homer Glen, Illinois today!