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How To Make A Ghost, And Other Halloween Ideas!

We are much more than your average (near) Chicago pumpkin patch. In light of the fact that we’ve been around for 37 years now, we’ve been improving and expanding our reach beyond being a regular old pumpkin farm. That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with being a regular old pumpkin farm. If we didn’t enjoy bringing generations of families fun we wouldn’t still be around here in Homer Glen. We love doing what we do, but one of the ways that it stays fun for us is that we make an effort to challenge ourselves to new heights every year.

Sometimes those improvements are dazzling, like our new Barnyard Dance Cow Coaster. It’s a big hit so far this year, with the spinning cow train being great for pretty much all ages. It’s a smooth ride, and little kids love it because it’s not over-the-top intimidating, plus you get to ride in a cow-car. What kid doesn’t want to ride in a cow-car? Check out a video of the Barnyard Dance Cow Coaster in the link above!

Our Pumpkin Patch

But sometimes that improvement means having a renewed focus on things we’ve been doing for a long time. And what have we been doing the longest? Offering up a variety of pumpkins for affordable prices is always something we will hang our hat on here at our pumpkin farm. Our pumpkin patch is one of the best in the area. We’ve got odd, large, funky, big, small, and pie pumpkins. They’re purchased by the pound, and you can even rent a wheelbarrow for a buck so you can lug them around. Pumpkins make for great decorations this time of year, even if you aren’t planning on making Jack-O-Lanterns out of them.

That’s the first (of a couple) Halloween party idea you’ll get from us in this post. Part of our commitment to improvement has to do with providing our loyal customers with some value outside of coming to see us once or twice every year. As huge fans of Halloween ourselves, we thought it would be a fun idea to help give you a few ideas that will make your Halloween party the best you’ve ever had. After all, we’re hosting the best pumpkin festival we’ve ever had here at Bengtson’s, so why can’t you do the same with your own party? Keep reading if you’d like some fun and unique party tips for this Halloween season.

Host A Party Without Breaking The Piggy Bank

Most people like to be hosts every once in awhile. But almost everyone likes to save money, so why not do both? There isn’t one thing that you can do to make sure your party is awesome and inexpensive at the same time – you’ve got to penny pinch wherever you can to make that happen. One way is to only get a few pumpkins from you local pumpkin patch (Bengtson’s, obviously), and use orange balloons and magic marker for your actual party. It’s important to have plenty of pumpkins at any Halloween party, and the best part of drawing spooky faces onto your balloons is that you can do it with the kids, too! They’ll love it, and it doesn’t require adult supervision like real pumpkin carving, what with the sharp knives and all. You can even use green streamer for the stem!

Packing Tape Decorations

Going to the store to get all of the kids’ costumes, plus all of your Halloween party decorations, isn’t cheap. It can easily cost a couple hundred dollars once it’s all said and done. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun, so don’t get caught up in that trap. Packing tape ghost sculptures are really fun, because you can be as detailed or as simple as you prefer. But either way, you’re going to get a really interesting looking decoration for your party that everyone will comment on.

How To Make A Packing Tape Ghost

We will tell you how to make a semi-detailed one, just so you have a feel for the kind of project we are talking about. All you need is a clear trash bag (go with the thin, clear 30 gallon bags if you can), clear packing tape, a wig head, a body form (or a human volunteer to be the model), some wrapping tape, fishing line to hang it up, and that’s it!

The first step is to take your human form, and take a trash bag and place it over the torso. If you are using an actual human, make sure you cut a hole for the head and arms, then have them simply put the trash bag on as if it were a poncho.

The next step is to begin to apply your packing tape to the “structural” portions of the body, in order to give is a nice frame. That means taping it around the waste, from each side of the waist up to the neck, around the neck, placing two lines of tape in an “X” pattern around the back and the chest, and you should be good to go. Once you have that framework, continue to apply tape all around the torso of the model. Rotate between applying vertical and horizontal pieces until the entire area between the neck, waist, and between the shoulder is covered. This is your ghost’s “body”.

The next step is to apply a second layer of tape to your form. This isn’t mandatory, as one layer will do the trick, but if you want to make your ghost more durable, apply another layer or two. Keep in mind, however, that the more layers of tape you apply, the less “see-through” your ghost then becomes.  If you’ve got a human you are working with, make sure you give them a little bit of a break in between layers. Maybe you could offer them some water and a snack, if you’re in a generous mood.

Now you are ready to use a pair of scissors to cut from the top of the neck down the back, all the way to the waist. Be careful when you do this, as you don’t want to hurt your volunteer or the ghost. Set the body aside for now.

The Head

Up next is the head, so get out your foam wig head (they aren’t too pricey, and can be found at most any arts and crafts shop, or you can find them online as well). This is the part where your volunteer/friend can relax and watch, or help with the taping, because they can’t be a model anymore – it’s unsafe. Place a whole mess of packing tape around the neck, after you’ve covered the foam head with a trash bag. Tape around the brow of the head as well, in order to form your framework. Now connect the two pieces of tape by beginning at the forehead, going over the top of the skull, and down the other side the entire way to the back of the neck.

You are almost done, we promise! Take the gift wrapping tape we mentioned, and apply it to help make the face’s features more prominent. Give special attention to the nose, mouth, and the general shape of the face to make it look more realistic. It’s a good idea to do this several times, especially because gift wrapping tape isn’t quite as sturdy as most other kinds.

Next, cover the entire face with more packing tape, doing so without covering up the facial areas you were just working on. That would be silly. Tape all the way down toward the shoulders, so that the torso and the head will be able to joined easily.

Remove the head from the foam wig head by cutting the back of the head all the way down to the neck. Be careful! Then get your torso and tape the two together, as you would naturally do so. Take a couple layers of tape and apply them to the seams of the head and body until all seams are covered. We don’t want any heads falling off in the middle of the party!

The Dress

The last portion is the easiest. All that is required is to take a few trash bags (make sure they are clear), and cut some lines in them. Take a few strips out, make it look ragged or curly, or really, whatever you want! It’s your ghost. Adding some light, flowing, somewhat-translucent cloth is a great way to make it look even more spooky, if spooky is your thing.

Finally, take some tape, make a loop, and stick it on top of the head. Then take your fishing line, and hang that sucker up! You’ve made an awesome ghost (or two or three or four) which can be hung inside or outside. We recommend hanging it up in a poorly lit area, to help emphasize the scare-factor. What’s best of all is that you’ve been able to do this whole thing in just a few minutes, and it didn’t cost you $65, either.

Visit Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm!

Our last piece of advice in this post is to get your butts over to Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm. It might not be a Halloween party idea, but it’s not too expensive, and is Halloween themed. We’ve even got a Haunted Barn if anybody is in the mood to get the chills! Although, we should warrant, no children under 12 are allowed in without being accompanied by an adult. Rules are rules, folks.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our DIY post, along with a few other party tips we were able to provide. If you are able to make it out and see us before October 30th this year, we would love to have you out here! Get the lowest admission price without a coupon. This year is our biggest and best ever, so come and visit us before the season is over!