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Some of the Most Common Questions We Get About Our Northern Illinois Pumpkin Patch


DSC_0048After 35 years in the business, we’ve heard just about every question out there. “Is it fun running a pumpkin farm?” “Can I get milk from that plastic cow?“ “Can I eat the pumpkin raw?” (Yes, no, and yes but you probably won’t like it!)

Here are some of the most common questions we answer so that you can better prepare for your day at our pumpkin patch.

Will my child be too scared?

It’s very unlikely. Our Pumpkin Fest isn’t a “zombie fest” or an “Illinois Chainsaw Massacre corn maze.” Some young children might balk at the skeletons or monster costumes around, but we keep the scare-factor low so that our pumpkin farm is a good fit for the entire family. (The one exception is the haunted barn, which is limited ages 12 and up due to the intensity of the animated characters.) The scariest thing most kids will see all day is a cow statue wearing lipstick!

Can I bring a stroller or wagon?

Absolutely! One of the best pumpkin farm 4parts about running our pumpkin fest is seeing the toddlers enjoying their wagon rides or tuckered out in their strollers from a long day of excitement. Ninety percent of our walking areas are paved, so you’ll have no problem navigating our pumpkin farm with a wagon or stroller.

Can I bring a cooler?

Sorry, but we don’t allow coolers to be brought in. The main reason, to be honest, is that we don’t want people sneaking in alcohol. We have a lot going on here at our pumpkin festival, and we don’t need any more excitement from those who have a constant supply of liquor. You can leave a cooler in your car so that you can head back and get snacks throughout the day. That brings us to the next commonly-asked question…

Can I Leave and Get Back In?

While we certainly hope you’ll take advantage of our wide variety of foods, you can leave to visit your car during the day. A simple hand stamp is all it takes to get back in on the same day you’ve paid admission.

Can I Bring Pets?

We understand your interest in bringing your dog along, but because of the large crowds we entertain, the occasional loud sounds associated with activities like the Pumpkin Chucker, and our own animals that we have to protect, we cannot allow pets into our Pumpkin Fest. Service animals are, of course, welcome.

Are There Rainchecks?

Refunds and rainchecks are not offered if inclement weather arises. We have covered areas for you to wait it out, or you can head to the car and gain free re-entry with one of our hand stamps. (It might actually work in your favor. Simply stick around while other people leave and then you’ll have a smaller crowd to deal with when the weather clears!)

How did we get a great web address like

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? When you think of all of the pumpkins farms and pumpkin patches and pumpkin festivals around the world, we got just about the best website address out there! Bengtson Farms has always been forward thinking about our fall activities, and very early we recognized the power of the internet to get the word out about our Northern Illinois attractions. We snatched up that web address as quickly as we could!