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How To Decorate With Pumpkins From Our Pumpkin Patch (Without Carving Them)

dreamstime_xxl_21306001With so many pumpkins being sold each year (and Bengtson’s contributing heartily to the sales!), people are using them for much more than making jack-o-lanterns and pies. They’ve also become one of the hottest decorating items out there, so we thought we’d look at some of our favorite ways to use them.


Pumpkins, usually medium-size ones, can be the beginning of beautiful centerpieces on your table. Simply add some greenery or ribbons and complement it with smaller gourds around the base. Whether the family will be sitting around your centerpiece for a big Thanksgiving meal or it’s surrounded by snacks during a Halloween party, it’s sure to get attention.

Paint It!

Some pumpkins look good in their natural orange, while other types will have colors and patterns that you never even knew about. Have you ever thought about painting your pumpkin? Make it a polka-dot pumpkin, paint it with stripes, paint it black! Best of all, not carving it means that you can still cook it up later!

Bedazzle It!

Pull out everything from the art closet and let the kids go nuts! Add beads, ribbons, stamps, paint, stickers…not every pumpkin has to look like Martha Stewart stopped by to help. And most of all…

Have Fun!

This is for all of the adults out there: don’t micromanage your kids too much. Sure, you want to help them when they’re using sharp implements, but otherwise let them make their own pumpkin. If you have to have your pumpkin just as you want it, grab an extra for yourself!

There are thousands of fun ways to decorate a pumpkin, and we hope you’ll grab enough at our
pumpkin patch to keep you busy from now until Thanksgiving. See you soon!