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Why The People Of Chicago Love To Head Out To Homer Glen To Visit Our Pumpkin Farm

DSC_0701Here at Bengtson’s, you wouldn’t believe the variety of people we see during the six weeks we’re open before Halloween. If you’re here for a day, you’ll get some small idea. But when you’re here every day from the middle of September until the end of October, you see just about every type of person, couple, and family that exists. And they’re all welcome at our pumpkin farm!

One thing that many of the people we see have in common is that they’re from the city. So what’s drawing so many of people in Chicago out to Homer Glen?

Give The Kids An Introduction To Farming

While we’re in full pumpkin fest mode, there are many activities the kiddo’s will see that they won’t find at most farms. We’ll admit, we have a lot of activities that aren’t associated with a traditional farm: rides, food booths, pneumatic pumpkin chuckers (which, surprisingly, is NOT standard farm equipment). We have a haunted barn, which most farmers would have a problem with. 

Bengtson’s pumpkin farm does offer a very kid-friendly introduction to farming, though. They’ll be taking hayrides behind real tractors that are used in farming, and they’ll meet a great variety of animals at our petting zoo without having to put on manure-proof boots! They’ll also learn about farming from The Milking Cows (guaranteed not to step on your foot), and find out just why pigs are so hard to catch at the pig races.

We All Yearn For the Fresh Air

While neighborhoods have sprung up around us, the air is still fresh out here in Homer Glen. Everyone yearns for the fresh country air, especially if it’s on a crisp autumn day, and especially if you’re far enough away from a large collection of real cows!

Get Away From the Hustle and Bustle of the City, If Only For a Day

pumpkin-patch-4If you live in the city and love it, we understand. You probably love the activities and attractions that Chicago has to offer, being able to get to the grocery store in a few minutes, and walking past six coffee shops on the way to work. But, just as everyone loves crisp country air, just about everyone loves to get away from the movement of the city for a little while.

Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest is a great place to come and spend the entire day away from the city, up to 12 hours on some days.

Free Parking!

When’s the last time you saw a parking lot as big as Bengtson’s and you didn’t have to pay to park in it? That’s country living for you!

Over the years, we’ve expanded our pumpkin festival to be as enjoyable as possible for every member of the family. We greet people from all over the Chicago area to our Homer Glen pumpkin patch and give them that simple getaway that they sometimes didn’t even know they needed. Come to Bengtson’s and do as much or as little as you want!