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How The Price Change Affects Your Day At Bengtson Pumpkin Farm


trainFor many, many (many) years, Bengtson kept the same prices, despite inflation and adding countless new attractions for our customers to enjoy. This year we decided it to time change to a demand based price structure. This is an attempt to show people which days will be more popular than others. If you would like to visit the farm with less guests on the day you attend you should choose a $9.99 day. These days are historically our slowest days.  There are 25 days with the $9.99 discounted rate, the days with increased prices reflect the historically high traffic days. 

What’s there to look forward to?

Free rides for the kiddos!

You won’t have any reason to say no to the kids when they ask for a carnival ride here at Bengtson’s! That’s because there are seven rides that your kids will get free with admission. These include two trains, the Frog Hopper, the Flying Frogs, Twirling Honey Pot, Happy Swing, and, of course, the best of all…the appropriately-named 90-foot Mega Fun Slide!

Extended Hours!

When you take your family to a kids’ movie, it’s $50 gone and you’ve only seen a movie that lasted, at most, an hour and forty-five minutes. When you come to our pumpkin patch and farm, you’ll get dozens of fall activities and you’ll get to spend the entire day. We’ve even extended the hours of our pumpkin fest so that there’s even more time to enjoy!

Free, Free, Free!

pumpkin farm 3Admission is free to children under two, and believe us when we say there’s plenty for them to do. One look at the petting zoo and they’ll be thrilled! We also recognize the importance of active duty military and veterans and offer them free admission when they show a military ID. On top of that, everyone parks free!

When you break down the cost by the hour and find out how much is included in the price of admission, our Homer Glen pumpkin farm is a bargain! We look forward to seeing you soon, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us!