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10 Reasons To Come Visit Our World-Class Pumpkin Patch Just Outside Of Chicago, Part One

Here at Illinois’ finest pumpkin patch, we love what we do. 37 years of hosting hundreds of families’ fall tradition is a wonderful thing to be involved in. Having launched our first pumpkin festival in 1981, we see generations grow up before our eyes. Little ones who saw a pumpkin farm for the very first time nearly 40 years ago are now coming back with kids of their own. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of, and it’s a huge reason we strive to make our (close to) Chicago pumpkin patch a better experience each year.

That’s one of our biggest reasons for having our pumpkin fest each year, so let’s talk about some reasons why you should visit us this year!

‘Tis The Season

The leaves are changing, it’s getting milder outside, and before you know it, the holiday season is right around the corner. That means pumpkin pie, apple pie, hot apple cider, hot chocolate, apple cider donuts (we’ve got those!), raking up leaves to make a pile worthy of jumping in, and much more. Coming to visit us in our Homer Glen pumpkin patch is a great way to get outside, have a great time, and stretch the legs one last time before it gets too nippy.

Good Clean Family Fun

Finding an affordable family activity can be tough. The movies are one thing (although we wouldn’t call that too affordable these days), but usually somebody ends up not seeing the movie they wanted to see, and then people get grumpy. While many people usually think of going to a harvest festival is mostly for pre-teens and their parents, we’ve worked hard to make sure we are an exception to that stereotype here at Bengtson’s. For instance, we have a Free Selfie Booth most teens can’t get enough of. And for the parents, it’s a great way to get everybody together once per year for a family photo. Once you get up to 3 or 4 years, the changes get really fun to see. (Pro Tip: get everyone together in the same positions as you were the first time you took a photo. If possible try to wear similar clothing, and be sure to have the same expression on your face. It’s a hoot.) Another attraction teenagers tend to love, especially the boys we might add, is our Pumpkin Chucker. One of most popular attractions, it can launch a full-size pumpkin over a quarter of a mile! We don’t care who you are, it’s an impressive site to see.

20 Days Under $10

For the first time ever, we are able to offer 20 days of being open for less than $10 a person. Usually they are weekdays, but if you can make it out during the week it is certainly worth your time. We also offer a variety of group discounts for activities like birthdays, corporate events, senior outings, special needs groups, field trips and others. We also support our military, and that means that anybody who has a Military ID, whether you are on active duty or a veteran, is allowed into the pumpkin patch for free!

Everyone Who Comes Loves It

“My family usually goes to some orchards and farms during the fall. We live in Indiana. After we went for the first time 2 years ago, we fell in love with the place, especially my 3 kids. We have gone multiple times during the season every year… the rides, the animal farm, the corn pit! It’s become a family tradition now!” – Alonzo, Five Stars

Alonzo and his crew are from Indiana and they still come. If you are searching for “Chicago pumpkin patch” and are mulling over the short 40 minute drive, come on now. Get outside the city and get some fresh air!

Our Pumpkin Patch Is Tough To Beat

Alright, in the last reason for part one, we should probably talk about our pumpkin patch itself. We have wheelbarrows you can rent for a buck, orange pumpkins are 39 cents a pound, pie pumpkins are $2.50 per pumpkin, and we have a wide array of funny, odd, and interesting pumpkins. We’ve also got gourds and white pumpkins for just 50 cents a pound! If you are looking for pumpkin carving tools, we do our best to make it a one stop shop for you. All pumpkin carving supplies can be found in our Halloween shop, above the Haunted Barn and next to the Baby Animal Barn.

So concludes part one of this two part series about why you should get off your rear end and enjoy the fall season in all its glory. Stay tuned for part two, where will will highlight a few different rides, treats, and unique offerings you aren’t likely to find at any other Chicago pumpkin patch. We hope you visit us very soon. Get in touch or just come on out and see us today!