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Decorating Your Pumpkin

You do not have to carve a pumpkin to show off your fall enthusiasm.

With fall in full swing, you may have that inner desire to get your house ready for the festivities. While many people love the way a good carved pumpkin illuminates the front porch, it can be an all too familiar mess that takes the fun right out of carving your pumpkins. You may like the way pumpkins scream I LOVE FALL, but you may not like the timely task of scooping out the inner guts, coming close to cutting off your own fingers, and being disappointed with a less than professional outcome.

This year, why not get your pumpkin from our farm here at Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest, and decorate it instead of carving it? Not only will the kids have a much easier time taking charge of their perfectly orange masterpiece, but you will have less to clean up and more to enjoy all season long. How? Read on in this blog to find some clever ways to decorate your pumpkin from our farm and say hello to this season’s new pumpkin tradition.

Ways to decorate your pumpkin from our pumpkin farm.


Why didn’t we think of this years ago!? Whether you choose to use a paintbrush and some of your favorite acrylic paints or go with a can of spray paint, painting your pumpkin means you do not have to cut into anything! And for those of you with kids who like to get involved, give them washable paint and watch their creative side take flight. Because you do not cut into your pumpkin from our farm, it will last longer and your neighbors can envy your inner designer all season, wishing they were half as crafty as you. Paint a pattern like polka dots or stripes, maybe your favorite team logo, or even use glow-in-the-dark paint to give it the same illuminating effect when it gets dark out.


Get out the hot glue, your favorite gems, and go to work! As easy as one, two, three you can glue any stone or gem you would like to your pumpkin, making this jack-o-lantern the most stylish one you’ve seen in years. If gems aren’t your style, why not go with something a little more subtle like buttons, fake flowers, or even stickers for that matter! If it sticks, you bet you can use it!


If painting sounds like just as big of a mess as cutting into the guts themselves, don’t give up! Try using markers like sharpies to turn your pumpkin into your very own Picasso. For kids, find a washable marker, just make sure it doesn’t rub off the skin of the pumpkin after applied.


It is one thing to pull the drill out to be the handy man of the house when necessary, but using a drill for your pumpkins? While this may not seem like your traditional way to make holes in your pumpkin, it doesn’t take long to fall in love with this fast and easy solution.

If you do not mind the gutting your pumpkin and are looking are looking for an alternative to those tiny knives that never work anyway, then simply choose a drill bit size and go to town. By cleaning your pumpkin out and using your drill to create circle holes, you can make a truly spectral pumpkin in just a matter of a few minutes, without the frustration of carving.


It cannot be said enough that duct tape is the fix it all solution, even when it comes to decorating, with so many sizes and styles bring printed these days, all you need is a pair of scissors and your favorite color to transform your ordinary pumpkin into something extraordinary.

Pumpkin decorating doesn’t have to be messy to be fun. Embrace your inner Martha Stewart and have fun this fall with your pumpkin from our farm! Plan your visit, we look forward to seeing you.