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More Halloween Decoration Ideas From Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest!

It’s basically a month and half long party here at Bengtson’s Pumpkin Festival, except not really the college kind of party that might have come to mind. We are open every day until 9pm (except Sundays, when we are open until 8pm), and kids 2 and under get in for free! This year, we are offering a full TWENTY days for under $10 per ticket. That’s the lowest ever, and another reason why our 2017 season is the best yet! Make sure you check out our hours and admission rates page for details on the day you are planning on coming to see us this year. We are only a 40 minute drive outside of downtown Chicago (on most days), and we are open until October 30th this year.

Now that we’ve told you a bit about what we have going on at our pumpkin patch this year, let’s move onto what you are likely here for – more Halloween decoration ideas for parties, or just for fun! Keep reading if you want some great DIY crafts that you can do with your kids, or maybe by yourself if you happen to get that crafty feeling.

Halloween Wreath – Googly Eyes Style

Why should Christmas get to have all of the wreath fun? Halloween needs some love, too. Plus, kids absolutely go nuts for googly eyes all bunched up together. All you need is 250 ping pong balls, about 200 googly eyes (find them at your local party store), hot glue and a hot glue gun, wire, white ribbon, and an 18 inch straw wreath form.

Step one is to wrap your wreath in your ribbon by glueing the ends down. Take your wire, wrap it around the wreath, and twist it in the back to create a hanger for once the project is complete.

Next, take your ping pong balls (without the googly eyes) and hot glue them to your wreath. There’s no set pattern that you need to follow, just add them on, layer by layer, in a jumbled, googly fashion! Just take a step back every now and then to make sure you are applying your eyes somewhat evenly. Another thing to keep in mind is that you may not need to glue a googly eye to every single ping pong ball you’ve laid, just the ones that you can see. But don’t get stuck not being able to glue a googly eye onto a ping pong ball because it’s too hidden, yet you can still see that it doesn’t have an eye. That’s just our two cents on the matter, glue your googly eyes however you choose.

Finally, hang up your wreath and freak some people out! All those eyes together can get some pretty hilarious reactions if you aren’t prepared for it!

A Spectral Mirror

We mentioned that these ideas would be economical. Well, allow us an exemption for this idea, because while it might be a tad on the pricey side, it’s really cool. We want to share it with you because we are fairly certain this will be the highlight decoration of any Halloween party you might be hosting.

The first thing you’ll need is a frame with glass. Make it a dark, spooky frame if you are going to spend the money. Most frames of a decent size will cost between $30 and $40. Print this scary mirror image, provided by Country Living. Print the original and the reverse image onto 11”W x 17”L paper. Take out the frame’s glass, and tape the reverse image face down so that it is now on the front of the glass. Take out some trusty black spray paint and paint some on the back of the paper, being careful not to cover the face and hands portion of the print-out. Let it dry for an hour.

Once it’s dried, take out the reverse image and take the glass and put it back into the frame. Put the original, normal image of the woman back into the frame. Hang it up, light some candles, turn off the lights, and get spooked! If you have the right setting for this mirror (we are thinking of a dimly lit hallway), this could really turn into the talk of the party.

Paranormal Portraits

This is one craft that doesn’t take much time. Kids and adults alike tend to like it because it takes photos that they’ve been seeing every day and turns them into something altogether crazy. The first thing you need to do is get access to a copy machine. Once that is accomplished, make a black and white copy of however many portraits you plan on giving the paranormal burning red eyes to.

You need to give the picture the appearance of age, so we need to coat it in a special solution of water and black craft paint. Not too much, otherwise that will end up ruining the picture completely. Lightly brush them with a sponge or a brush and then let the paper dry for between 30 minutes and an hour.

Get some card stock that is roughly the same size as the photo you are working on. Glue it to the back and allow it to dry. Get hobby knife, also called a utility or precision knife, and cut out the eyes of whoever is in the portrait. Make sure your hole is no bigger than a ¼ inch in diameter. And remember a diameter is equal to twice the length of the radius, which is the distance from the focal point to the perimeter of the circle, for anyone who needs a middle school Geometry refresher. Or, you could just Google it, your choice.

Place the photo inside the frame, and then get red mini LED holiday lights, placing them through the rear of the eyeholes. Turn the lights on and replace the back of the frame. For an added effect, throw some fake cobwebs around the frame. Another optional element is to cut out small white triangles and glue them to your subject’s mouth in order to turn them into a vampire!

Witch Legs

Our last idea of the day takes a walkway with some sort of garden planter or plastic cauldron next to it. Not to say that the cauldron needs to always be there, you just need a base for the witch legs to be sticking out of.

Here’s the supplies that you’ll need. A pair of shoes you don’t really care about, a garden planter, gold foil paper, Fiberfill, and Halloween-colored tights.

The craft is very simple and quick, and doesn’t require any waiting either! Fill up your tights with the fiberfill, and place the shoes on the soft feet you’ve just made. Cut some simple buckles from the gold foil paper, and attach them to the shoes with tape. Then all you have to do is put the legs upside down in your planter, and boom! You’ve got a witch! If you find that the legs are falling down, you might need to use some fishing wire to attach to the ceiling and then the shoes. That way, the legs will remain vertical.

Visit Us At Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm

Not everyone is going to be hosting a Halloween party. Not everyone decorates for Halloween, as absurd of a thought as that may be. But whether you are or aren’t, you can get your fix of Halloween and autumnal fun here at our pumpkin farm. We go beyond simply having a pumpkin patch by bringing you the state’s top pumpkin festival around. We’ve got Hayrack rides, pony rides, pumpkin launchers, massive slides, great carnival food and other food options, a Haunted Barn, pig races, more than a couple of kiddie rides, train rides, and even a mini roller coaster! Come out and visit us before this season ends on October 30th. We would love to see you!