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Our Pumpkin Patch Near Chicago: Take Advantage Of Group Booking Opportunities!

If you take a trip down to 13341 W 151st St. Homer Glen, Illinois, you’ll be welcomed by a dazzling variety of attractions that include rides, games, shows, races, incredible food, and much more. If you’ve been putting off coming but have wanted to check out our Illinois pumpkin fest, we’ve got news for you; this year is going to be the biggest in our 37 year history! That’s not just some empty claim either. We are excited to announce our brand new rides and attractions in a post coming your way very soon…But for now, trust that the classics still delight young and old alike!

What classics? To name a few of our most popular attractions, we’ve got a free selfie booth, our classic Bengtson’s Gemstone Mining Sluice, Pony Rides, a pumpkin patch (of course), a Fun barn, a spooky Haunted Barn, A Petting Zoo, Tractor Pulled Hayrack Rides, Pig Races, Twirling Honey Pots, our 90’ Mega Fun Slide, other rides, great food and drink to choose from, and, believe it or not, much more!

But before we get carried away and describe every single thing we have to offer, let’s get to today’s topic. We have some fantastic group booking opportunities we would like to share with you, so read on if you are planning on taking a crew with you to our Home Glen pumpkin farm.

Our (Near) Chicago Pumpkin Patch Group Outings

Whether you are planning a special birthday party for some little tikes or want to take your work staff out for some fresh air and good family fun, Bengtson Farms has a little bit of something for everyone. Check out our fantastic deals below.

Birthday Parties

If you are thinking about doing a group birthday party here at our Illinois pumpkin patch, you should know a couple of things. Firstly, that you have had a fantastic idea on which you should certainly follow through. Secondly, for parties over 50 in number, you get $2.00 off general admission price. If your party is under 50 people, kids under 3 get in free (you’ll get that same deal if your party is 50+ as well).

On top of that, we want you to know that you can feel free to bring your own cupcakes or cake to the party. We ask that you not bring any other outside food, however. No worries there, because our food is delicious! Please be advised that because we are a pumpkin patch that is on an actual farm, the dry straw and wood being around means we can’t allow candles or matches. All in all, it’s a great option for birthday parties both big and small.

Corporate Parties And Outings

Having a yearly corporate outing at Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm can be an amazing time, especially if you are looking to plan a work and family event. Silver Cross Hospital, for example, has been holding their yearly Silver Cross Family Picnic at Bengtson’s for almost a decade. Each year, more people come, and we absolutely love having them!

We can accommodate groups ranging from 50 to 5000 people in size. We have a few different corporate discount options and packages you can choose from, or we can work with you to customize something to fit your exact needs. Regardless of the specifics, you’ll get free parking, incredible seasonal food like hearty chili, kettle corn, cotton candy, funnel cakes, all beef hot dogs, and much more. We are just 40 minutes outside of Chicago, so don’t be shy, give us a call today!

Senior Group Outings

Who says pumpkin festivals are only for kids? People who are wrong, that’s who. We’ve been open since 1981, which means some families and many people of all kinds have been coming to our local pumpkin farm for nearly half a lifetime! We love that we are part of the community and this rich seasonal tradition, so if there are folks who have been coming to see us every year since their 30s or 40s, we want to honor them with a special senior discount (which you will get even if you haven’t been coming since the 80s, of course).

We ask that you make a reservation 7 days prior to your intended visit, with 1 chaperone for every 4 senior visitors. The discount is $8 per senior visitor, and $6 per every accompanying staff person. With this deal you’ll get access to pig races, the petting zoo, the Haunted Barn, the Fun Barn, a hayride, and much more. Please know that this offer is for weekdays only, so make sure you call soon. We open on September 15! We have a sheltered picnic area, so feel free to use that for our delicious snacks and treats like hot chocolate, nachos and cheese, chips, caramel apples, and more.

Scouts And Brownie Trips

If you are a Scout or Brownie leader, we’ve got a discount package for you, available Monday through Thursday after 12pm (save for Columbus Day). The deal is that it’s just $9.99 per child, which gets you access to all of our rides and attractions, which of course includes our famous Illinois pumpkin patch.

Just like the senior discount, reservations are required 7 days before you come our way. 1 chaperone is required for every 3 children, with each chaperone getting in for $8.00 each. Keep in mind your whole group needs to check in at once in order to receive the group discount. Otherwise, it’s pretty much impossible for us to track who goes where and what each person should be charged. Thanks for understanding!

Special Needs Groups

For every special needs group we host, we’ll give you a pre-picked pie pumpkin as part of the packaged deal. The charge is $8 per person, and we require 1 chaperone for every 3 guests. Also included is a free ride ticket you can use on the Hootenanny Railroad Train Ride, the Flying Frog Ride, Honey Pots Tea Cup Ride, Happy Swing, or the Frog Hopper Ride!

Feel free to go about the pumpkin farm at your own pace. Please call for reservations, and be sure to click here for more discount details.

School Groups

We also have school group field trips available here at our close-to-Chicago pumpkin patch. For complete information on discounts and offerings, please visit this page, which will allow you to download school group teacher guide, chaperone guidelines, and a general school group packet for 2017.

Visit The Top Illinois Pumpkin Farm!

So there you have it. Whether you are interested in a group deal here at Bengtson’s or are just looking to spend an afternoon with your little ones here, we would love to have you. View our calendar today!