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Tips for Finding the Perfect Pumpkin

When you come out to the pumpkin patch at Bengston’s Pumpkin Farm, your goal is to find the best pumpkin possible for your fall displays. Whether you are going to carve it or use it as a centerpiece on your dining room table, you need a great pumpkin that’s going to last. We’ve been helping people find the right pumpkins for their home for a long time, and over the years we’ve learned some secrets to finding the right pumpkin. Here are some of our best tips!

pumpkin patch Homer GlenWhat to Look For in Our Pumpkin Patch

Make sure the stem is intact.

The stem doesn’t have to be very long, but it’s good to find a pumpkin that has their stem still intact. Not only does this make for a prettier pumpkin, a damaged stem could be an indication that your pumpkin is going to good bad sooner.

Avoid pumpkins that are bruised or cut.

You want your pumpkin to last as long as possible. BruisesĀ are indications that the pumpkin has been damaged, while cuts are open invitations to bacteria that can start the rotting process sooner. Look for smooth, blemish-free skin on the surface of your pumpkin. We do our best to take care of our pumpkins, but sometimes a pumpkin meets an unfortunate end!

Set it on a flat surface.

Even the prettiest pumpkin isn’t going to do you any good if it won’t sit still! There are plenty of sidewalks and flat paths at Bengston’s Pumpkin Farm, so take your pumpkin over and make sure that it sits well and stays in place.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Little Character!

Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, and nature has a way of making each one of them a little different. While you might be on the hunt for a perfect-looking pumpkin, don’t be afraid to choose one with a little extra character! Maybe it has an unusual stem, or it has lots of wrinkles on the surface, or there is some other characteristic that makes it stand out from the crowd. We love these “special” pumpkins because they add a lot of interest to a table display or even to your pumpkin carving project.

Come Wander Through Our Pumpkin Patch

Ready to find your pumpkins? Bengston’s Pumpkin Farm has a pumpkin patch that’s filled with pumpkins that you’ll love. We also have pumpkins perfect for pie making and unusual gourds to add to your autumn decor. Come out and see everything we have to offer in our pumpkin patch today!