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ROGUE Curbside Kitchen


Rogue Curbside Kitchen







After 45 years of combined experience planning and executing catered events within the hotel industry, the Eckert family developed a deep passion for creating memorable events and culinary experiences. However, what they were missing was the face to face interaction with their guests, true culinary freedom to be creative, and the ability to share their hospitality outside of the hotel walls. The idea of opening a restaurant became a true consideration but limiting the Eckert family, yet again, the opportunity to serve guests near and far. It was never more clear to them that they had to take their passion curbside to every home, business, festival and event that was looking for an unique experience with great food and service.  They had visions of that hotel kitchen, where it all began so long ago, breaking apart from the bricks and mortar and setting out to prepare restaurant quality food with all the conveniences, safety, and sanitation of a commercial kitchen. That is when the hotel kitchen went “ROGUE”.



  • GONE REBELOUS: Handcrafted hamburger topped with lettuce, sliced tomato, shaved red onion, aged cheddar cheese, served on a Brioche bun                                                                                                                                           

  • THE TURNABOUT: Shrimp tempura, zesty sriracha sauce, creamy coleslaw, served on a French roll

  • THE FEARLESS: Crispy chicken breast tossed in a buffalo sauce, topped with lettuce, tomato, Ranch Dressing, Blue cheese crumbles, and served on a French roll

  • THE RASCAL: Italian beef dipped in au jus with giardiniera, served on a French roll