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Toasty Cheese Food Truck

Toasty Cheese is a grilled cheese sandwich experience like no other.Toasty cheese truck Logo

As a mobile food eatery, we deliver delicious. That’s our mission plain and simple. But our sandwiches and accompanying foods are anything but plain and simple. Toasty Cheese was founded on our passion for gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches that grab your taste buds and take them where they’ve never been before. It starts with sourcing the best ingredients―from freshly baked artisan breads to select cheeses to quality meats and fresh, locally grown produce. From there, it takes on the Toasty Cheese brand of offering menu choices that bring the goods in a throwdown of flavor combinations that are one-of-a-kind.

In addition to our many choices of grilled cheese sandwiches, Toasty Cheese also serves up from scratch gourmet French fries, soups, and vegetarian and gluten-free selections.

Toasty cheese will be available all weekend days excluding October 3rd and September 27th


  1. Kim Classic   American and Cheddar cheese on panini breadKim Classic Grilled Cheese
  2.  Great Dane     American and Cheddar cheese with Applewood smoked bacon on panini.
  3. The great dane
  4. Ragin’ Regan  Pepper Jack cheese with caramelized jalapeños and onions on panini breadRagin Regan
  5. Mighty Max   Grass-fed ribeye, Mozzarella, red onion and garlic butter on a pretzel roll.Mighty max Toasty Cheese
  6. Classic Fries   4.00

    Tossed in our homemade seasoning mix.

    Rosemary Fries   4.00

    Tossed in rosemary infused extra virgin olive oil.

    Greek Fries   4.00

    Tossed in garlic, oregano, and rosemary infused extra virgin olive oil, topped with Feta cheese and a lemon wedge.

    Sweet Potato Fries   4.00

    Topped with our own WildFire Honey.

    Loaded Fries   6.00

    A larger portion of our classic fries, topped with Cheddar cheese sauce and bacon.

    Fire Fries   6.00

    A larger portion of our classic fries, tossed in spiced aioli, topped with a Cheddar cheese sauce and bacon.

    *Add Cheddar Cheese Sauce .50

  7. Lucky Luis Bites   4.00

    Whether you compare them to donut holes, mini-elephant ears or beignets, when you eat these fluffy, cinnamon sugar-dusted fried pastries, you’ll feel lucky! Five bites per order, served with your choice of one dipping sauce (Chocolate, Raspberry, or Caramel).

    *Additional dipping sauce available for .50 each

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