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Bring Your Large Group To Our Pumpkin Patch For A Great Day Out!


camel1Here at Bengtson’s, we see thousands and thousands of people during the six weeks we’re open before Halloween. Most of these people come in by twos, threes, fours, fives, and the like. Family and friends out enjoying the day.

But we also see people by the dozens! Bengtson’s pumpkin patch is a great place to bring large groups so that every member can have a fulfilling, fun-filled day that they’ll be talking about for a long time to come. Here are some of the most common types of groups that we entertain. (Be sure to click on the links to find out more about what we can do for each group and what types of discounts are available.)

Birthday Parties

There are quite a few reasons to have your birthday part at Bengtson’s. First of all, the kids (and adults) will have a great time! After all, a birthday party at an arcade or laser tag center is the same game over and over and over. Bengtson’s has seven rides, pumpkin launchers, a haunted barn (and a less-haunted Fun Barn), and so much more. You can also spend as long as you’d like, where most other places only allow you to stick around for under two hours. Finally, the price is considerably less than most birthday parties that you’ll find in the city. You won’t regret having a birthday party here at our pumpkin patch!

Corporate Parties/Outings

Get out of the city for the day! We entertain many corporate groups because Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest is outdoorsy while still being very comfortable. There’s great food to be had, games to play, rides to ride, and crisp country air. Best of all, everyone gets to spend time with their co-workers without being surrounded by the problems of the workplace!

School Groups

Bengtson’s is a great place to bring your school or individual class! Let them have a day full of fun while learning at the same time; you’ll be able to point out dozens of science tidbits throughout the day no matter the age of the students. How does the pumpkin chucker work? Do you know what a camel stores in its hump? How does a pumpkin grow? How would you calculate the force involved with the Honey Pot ride? There’s never any lack of fun and learning at Bengtson’s!

Scouts and Brownie Trips

In the Chicago area, even Scouts don’t get out enough…and Bengtson’s Can help correct that! Bring a Scout troop and let them see the wonders of the pumpkin farm and the myriad of animals we have here.

Senior Group Outings

While the seniors probably won’t be riding the kids’ rides, there’s still a variety of wonderful experiences to be had. Everyone enjoys a good hay ride, and the Pumpkin Chucker is a joy for all ages. And don’t forget the pig races! Best of all, 90 percent of our walkways are paved, so our pumpkin patch is nearly entirely wheelchair accessible.

Special Needs Groups

Make everyone’s day when you let Bentson’s bring the smiles! We’ve got the activities that everyone in the group will love. The petting zoo is great, but it’s going to be hard to beat the pig races!  

No matter what group you’re coming with, be sure to have a reservation. We can’t always accommodate large groups if the pumpkin fest is already at capacity; public safety is our primary concern. To make these reservations, please call us at 708-301-3276.