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So How Much of Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest is About Halloween?

DSC_0014 (2)Over the years, there have been three basic types of fall activities leading up to October 31st. First there was the pumpkin patch, where those in the city could come out and enjoy some time in the fields picking their pumpkin. Then came the corn maze, where everyone could enjoy some fun trying to find their way through the corn. Finally came the scarier aspects, as haunted houses moved into the fields and created truly terrifying scenarios.

Here at Bengtson’s we’ve decided to take the more family-friendly approach and stick to the pumpkin farm idea, coupled with lots and lots of other fall activities here in Northern Illinois. Still, that doesn’t mean that we entirely ignore the fact that Halloween is coming!

Decorations and Animations

Of course, we have some Halloween decorations. We also have some stuffed characters and the See-Through Skeleton band, but in all it’s certainly less scary than your average Halloween store! Speaking of which…

Halloween Gift Shop

Our Haunted Gift Shop is a great place to spend some time shopping for some holiday staples. We’ve got tons (literally!) of Halloween props, as well carving kits for that pumpkin you’ll pick at our pumpkin farm. Of course, there’s lots of candy, as well as souvenirs from Bengtson’s Farm. The Halloween Gift Shop is located up the stairs directly above…

The Haunted Barn

pumpkin farm 6The Haunted Barn is our only truly scary aspect of the attractions you’ll find at our pumpkin farm. We say that The Haunted Barn is rated PG-13, and no one under 12 is allowed in without an accompanying adult. It’s certainly too intense for many young children; if you are considering taking someone under 12, we suggest you go through it first to see gauge it’s intensity.

While most of what we do here in Homer Glen centers around fall activities, we certainly don’t ignore Halloween. We look forward to showing you what we can do here at Bengtson’s!