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Petting Zoo, Camel Rides, and So Much More!


Scotish Highlanders 6Here at Bengtson’s’ Pumpkin Fest, we love to fill the days with tons of fall activities. Games, rides, pumpkins…it is a great time of year here in Northern Illinois.

We’ve also got our share of fun animals around! Since most of the kids who visit our pumpkin farm don’t get much time out in the country, the time they spend interacting with different types of farm animals can be a real treat! Here are some of the animals they’ll get to see and interact with at our pumpkin patch.

Pig Races

C’mon, you know it’s going to be a hoot! Our pig races take place ten times a day and will have everyone in your family laughing. As tempting as it might be, no betting please!

Petting Zoo

Petting zoos are a wonderful way for kids to learn a little bit about kinds of animals that they’ll almost never come into contact with if not for a petting zoo. Past animal guests include llamas, sheep, goats, miniature cows, camels, and kangaroos!

Pony and Camel Rides

pumpkin farm 5For an additional cost, our pumpkin farm offers pony and camel rides. Pony rides are for kids under 80 pounds and cost $5. Camel rides are available to kids and adults for only $7. Where else are you going to get to ride a camel?!

Flying Frogs

Hold on. Wait. No, we do not offer rides on real flying frogs. It is one of our free carnival rides, though!

Your kids will love all of the animals we have here at Bengtson’s Farm. In fact, we’re pretty sure you’ll love it too! Check out our hours here!