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What Did You Do At Our Pumpkin Patch And Farm Today? We Want To Know!

Damon eating donut 2400 x 1600Over the thirty-five years we’ve been hosting the pumpkin festival, thousands of photos…no, tens of thousands…have been taken at Bengtson Farms. It started with film, and, considering how many pictures we all take with digital cameras and cell phones, the number is bound to be well over 100,000 by now.

Of course, we think that’s great! People taking pictures means that they’re having a good time, that they want to remember what’s going on. Of course, we can’t blame them! After all, small kids on carnival rides, toddlers feeding pellets to petting zoo animals, and children laughing at the sight of pig races is something that every parent wants to remember.

Here at Bengtson’s Farm, we keep an eye on things. After all, we have thousands of people visiting our pumpkin farm for fall activities during the months of September and October, so it’s best to keep our eye open for those special moments. But we can’t see everything, so we need your help! That’s why we have our customer photos page. We want you to share the wonderful time you had at our pumpkin farm with the world, where you can you can put up photos from your most recent adventures that your family had while visiting us.

In fact, let’s not stop there. If you’ve been coming for years and hold it as a family tradition, send those in too. There are bound to be some pictures from the early ‘80s that we’d love to see!

Visit our customer photos page and be sure to send up the best of what you have. We look forward to you sharing the experiences you’ve had here in Homer Glen.


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