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What Will You Be Eating At Our Pumpkin Festival?

Apple Cider Dounut at Bengtson FarmIf you’re here enjoying the entire day at our pumpkin farm (and we hope you will be), you’re going to get hungry. Sure, you could bring some snacks and leave them in the car, but why do that when there are so many yummy, once-a-year options for you to enjoy at Bengtson’s Farm! Now is the time to enjoy something special, and we’ve got some great options.

Bengtson’s Kettle Corn

Is there anything that represents fall more than corn? (Yes, it’s the fresh apple cider donuts mentioned below, but we’ll get to that in second). Bengtson’s Kettle Corn is different from every other kettle corn you’ve ever had; you’ve got to taste it to find out why! All of our kettle corn is made from secret ingredients right here at our pumpkin farm every day. Grab a bag in the morning so that you’ll have a snack throughout the day, and grab a few bags to take home. It will make a great treat for weeks to come!

Fresh Apple Cider Donuts

If there’s only one thing you need to treat yourself to when you’re at our pumpkin patch, it should be our
fresh apple cider donuts! The amazing snacks are made with fresh apple cider, and are so unique and tasty that you’ll want to take some home. Lucky for you, you can! We sell them at three different locations across the farm, including the exit. Grab some on your way out; if you don’t, you’ll regret it at breakfast tomorrow!

Uncle Bub’s BBQ

One nice part about visiting our pumpkin patch is that you might get to try a place you’ve always heard of. Not everyone is close enough to visit Uncle Bub’s BBQ in Westmont, so be sure to grab some while you’re here. It’s the perfect match for your day out in the country.

Those are only a few of the options you’ll find at our pumpkin farm festival. We’ve got some more lined up, and you might even be surprised at some of the snacks, meals, and treats you’ll be able to find on opening day. Keep up with the latest foods right here, and we look forward to seeing you!


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