Open November 2nd & November 3rd.

A Few Recent Bengtson Farms Reviews

A Few Recent Bengtson Farms Reviews

Now that our pumpkin farm is in full swing for the 2018 season we’re starting to get some fresh reviews trickling in. We love sharing these with our readers partially because we’re so overjoyed to hear people put into words what we see on their faces while they’re visiting. We’re certainly not trying to toot our own horns, so to speak, but if you’d allow us to be so bold then we’d say that Bengtson Farms is a magical place during the fall.

There’s no doubt about it; people have the time of their lives while they’re visiting. Whether they’re enticed by the petting zoo, the haunted barn, the pig races, or the apple cider donuts, there’s just no denying that there’s something for pretty much everything. For many, a trip to Bengtson Farms is an annual fall tradition. In other words, it’s a place to make memories.

But what do people actually think about their time here? We’ll be sharing some recent reviews in today’s post, so keep reading to find out!

What Others Are Saying About the Bengtson Farms 2018 Fall Fest

We’d like to take a second to point out that all of the reviews below were taken from our Facebook page. If you are a Facebooker yourself, head on over there and give us a like! It’s great for staying up to date with what we’re doing as well as being the first to know what’s new. We also offer up exclusive contests and one of our most recent giveaways was for free entrance to the park for four and a number of other great prizes. Anyway, let’s see what our guests are saying about us this year.

“Took my daughters there 20 years ago! Went back last week for the first time with my grandson! Unbelievable how it has grown! What a wonderful place…highly recommend!” – Pat

Thanks for the kind words, Pat! You’ve hit on one of the things that we love the most about running our pumpkin farm—the fact that people come back. Whether it’s an annual fall tradition for people or they’re new to the area or they’re back for the first time in two decades, we aim to make your time here an absolute blast from beginning to end.

“Bengstons is our favorite pumpkin farm! This year it looked exceptionally wonderful. So much has been done to keep it updated and fresh. So many new things and the landscaping everywhere is just beautiful. Thanks for the wonderful family memories that we make each fall.” – Nancy

What an honor, Nancy! We’ve worked really hard this year to offer our guests a unique experience. We believe that we’ve struck the perfect balance too. Not only do guests get to enjoy their longtime favorites, but there are plenty of new experiences to be had. Even if you came last year you would probably be surprised to see just how much has changed.

“Farm was very clean and well run. Staff were friendly and actually had conversations with you. Attractions were neat and enjoyable for all ages.” – Rebeccah

You know, we have been known to spin a yarn with guests over the years so we’re glad to hear that you found us friendly! A good conversation is a beautiful thing and we are always so incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to chat with the people who visit us. Thanks for your rever, Rebeccah!

Come On By and See For Yourself!

Are you trying to find a pumpkin patch in Chicago or the surrounding area? If so, Bengtson Farms is located in Homer Glen which is just a short drive. As we mentioned above there’s an awful lot to do while you’re here so whether you’d prefer to watch the pig races, pet some farm animals, or ride the rides, you’re sure to have the time of your life.

Adults and kids alike will love the food selection as well. Everyone knows about our fresh apple cider donuts (and if you don’t then you should!) but we also offer award winning BBQ, wooden-paddle pizza, roasted sweet corn, and much more. In other words, there’s something for everyone whether you have a sweet tooth or you prefer to eat something more savory in nature. Whatever the case may be, we have you covered.

Keep in mind that the last day we’re open in 2018 is October 30 which means that time is running out. Although that day draws ever closer, there’s still time to plan a visit to our pumpkin farm this year. Whether you’re bringing the kids for a day of fun or you’re planning a date day for you and your significant other, we think you’ll have a blast from the moment you arrive.

Check out other reviews, take a look at our list of attractions, get driving directions, and view our hours and rates, but most importantly, make it a point to visit. We look forward to seeing you here!