September 13th will be the 2019 Grand Opening !!!

A Look at This Year’s Eats and Treats

If you’ve been to our pumpkin patch in the past then you know just how great the experience can be, but we’re striving to outdo ourselves in 2018! Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest is proud to announce our grand opening on September 14 and we’re pulling out all of the stops to ensure that it’s the best season we’ve ever had.

You probably associate fall food with Bengtson Farms and the good news is that you can get your fill of the best food in Chicago and the surrounding area with a quick trip to our pumpkin farm! No matter what you’re craving, you’re sure to enjoy something delicious and one-of-a-kind during your trip to Bengtson Farms this year.

In today’s post we’d like to highlight what you can expect from us so you can strategically plan out your day in order to have enough room to enjoy all of the good stuff. Here’s a look at the foods we’re offering in 2018 broken down conveniently into Eats and Treats.


Uncle Bub’s Award Winning BBQ

If the fact that Uncle Bub’s is an award winning BBQ joint isn’t enough to catch your attention then the menu surely will! Uncle Bub’s believes that you can’t rush good food and it’s that dedication to quality that’s always on display. Whether you’re in the mood for pulled pork, pulled chicken, brisket, turkey legs, their award winning ribs, or something else, you’re sure to find it here.

They even offer homemade Mac and Cheese (that you can top with brisket or pulled pork nonetheless!), brats, burgers, chicken tenders, corn dogs, bavarian pretzels, pumpkin bread pudding, caramel apple squares, cookies, and much more. Plan your trip to Uncle Bub’s and treat yourself to some of the best food on the planet.

Wooden Paddle Pizza

There’s nothing quite like artisanal pizza cooked the old fashioned way in a kiln-dried ash wood oven, and that’s just what Wooden Paddle Pizza is serving up. Pizzas include white pies, margherita pizzas, the Sausage Fest, the Buzzkill (which is topped with chili peppers, pepperoni, basil, mozzarella, tomato sauce, and honey), and more.

You can also enjoy fried mozzarella, an assortment of salads, and some of the best gelato in the Chicago area. Flavors include sea salt and caramel, mint chocolate chip, fresh raspberry, and (of course) pumpkin pie.

El Taco Cocina

Interested in some south of the border flavor? The good news is that you only have to head over to the Corn Box to enjoy El Taco Cocina and its menu of amazing foods. Whether you’re craving tacos, nachos, quesadillas, or empanadas, El Taco Cocina will certainly not disappoint.

No matter what you get, be sure to order a side of chips and guacamole because it is out of this world!

Local Sweet Corn

When it comes to fall food, roasted sweet corn is a must-have. You can grab yours in the northwest corner of Bengtson Farms just west of the Animal Barn. It’s available on Saturdays, Sundays, and Columbus Day. With roasted sweet corn that’s this good, need we say more?



New to our pumpkin farm this year is everyone’s favorite fall food. We are speaking, of course, about churros! If you’re a fan of cinnamon and sugar on your churros (and let’s be honest, who isn’t a fan of that?) then you’re in luck, but if you want something else that is appropriately fall in its flavor then you absolutely need to try our pumpkin churros and our apple churros. They offer a unique take on a classic and we’re sure that they’ll become your new favorite thing while visiting our pumpkin farm.

Cotton Candy

Available throughout the farm, you can get your dose of sweet nostalgic goodness in the form of cotton candy. And yes, it’s just as good as you remember it to be!

Kettle Corn

If secret family recipes appeal to you then you’re sure to love our kettle corn because it’s unlike anything else you’ve tasted! We make it by hand the old fashioned way each every day to ensure that it’s fresh and delicious. Be sure to grab some to snack on as you explore our pumpkin patch and buy some to take home with you as well because it is addicting!

Fresh Apple Cider Donuts

And last, but certainly not least, we come to everyone’s favorite Bengtson Farms sweet treat. We are speaking, of course, about our fresh apple cider donuts. Are they the best in the Chicago area? You’d better believe it! Like the kettle corn, these apple cider donuts are addicting and that’s why we sell them in packs of a half dozen so you can take some to go. You’ll have a hard time eating just one, and because these donuts are some of the best fall foods around, why would you want to do that anyway? Grab plenty to tide you over!

Visit the Best Pumpkin Patch in the Chicago Area

With our grand opening just around the corner on September 14, we’re preparing things to make this our best year yet. And best of all is that as good as all of this food sounds, the food here only scratches the surface of what you can experience during your visit. Be sure to check out this year’s attractions as well and start planning your trip to Bengtson Farms today.

If your goal is to find a pumpkin patch near Chicago, Bengtson Farms is hard to beat. We look forward to seeing you!