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The Best Places For Beautiful Fall Foliage

One of the best parts of the fall season is seeing the color of the leaves change on trees all across our great country. People drive great distances and even book trips just to frolic in these leaves and take amazing photos, and honestly, we don’t blame them. The changing of trees is one of the very best parts of early to mid-autumn, and we think that our pumpkin farm at Bengtson’s really captures the essence of the changing leaves.

Embracing The Changing Of Leaves At Our Pumpkin Patch

In light of the fall season and Thanksgiving coming up, we wanted to write about some incredibly beautiful places around the United States that are particularly notable for their jaw-dropping fall foliage. You’ll sure to find an array of beautiful, changing trees at our pumpkin festival and pumpkin patch here in Homer Glen, Illinois, as well as fun pumpkin farm attractions like kiddie rides, pig races, a petting zoo, a haunted barn, and many more fun activities! Stay in touch with Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm as we ramp up our pumpkin patch for 2018.

The Berkshires, Massachusetts

This is a fantastic getaway for anyone in the urban areas of Philly, Boston and New York City. As far as the east coast goes, this area provides world-class foliage viewing along with notable art and culture. The narrow, winding roads connecting quaint mountain hamlets are sure to have you feeling like you’re in an episode of Downton Abbey, except that you won’t be incredibly bored the whole time.

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Cut right into the Cascade Mountains and forming a natural border between southern Washington and northern Oregon, the Columbia River Gorge is already a stunning sight to begin with, no matter the time of year. Come fall, the firs, cottonwood, big-leaf maples, Oregon ash and twisted pines really start to show their incredibly vibrant colors. Mid-September to mid-October is generally considered the best time to visit the Columbia River Gorge.

Green Mountain Byway, Vermont

As far as picturesque fall mountain drives go, it doesn’t get much better than this. The maple, birch and beech trees lining this eleven-mile route puts on one of the most dazzling and wonderful displays of fall color in New England. You might find it difficult to continue driving due to all the beauty that surrounds you, and believe us, we understand. Just make sure to safely pull over to the side of the road for those pictures!

Aspen, Colorado

This beautiful place nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains is literally named after a tree, so you already know that this is going to be a pretty one. Aspen leaves turn a rich yellow hue in the fall and actually shimmer in the breeze when the sun hits. It almost looks like this area isn’t real. If you’re looking for a great place to have a wedding, shoot engagement pictures or just grab any kind of idyllic fall photo, going to Aspen in the early fall is by far the best option. With the gold tones of aspens making for the picture-perfect contrast against the evergreens and craggy mountain peaks, this really is one of the best places that you can go to check out fall foliage.

The Catskills, New York

Known for hosting the famous Woodstock festival, this span of 6,000 square miles in southeastern New York is nothing short of gorgeous in the fall. Locals and visitors alike will relish in the fall harvest, celebrating with a number of festivals and craft fairs.

Appreciate The Fall Beauty With Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest!

If we could choose just one season per year, it would be fall. Our pumpkin farm attractions in Chicago are the perfect celebration of the fall foliage, complete with kiddie rides, a pumpkin patch with animals, and so much more! Learn more here.