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What People Are Saying About This Year’s Pumpkin Festival!

If you are wondering what people are saying about our pumpkin festival in Homer Glen this year, you could look it up online on Trip Advisor or Google Reviews. Or, you could go straight to the pumpkin patch-source, your friendly pumpkin farmers over here at Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest! You can find us at, but you probably already knew that, considering that’s the website you are on right now. What you may not know is how we ended up getting that website name in the first place. Isn’t it obvious? We are THE pumpkin farm, so we get to have the best URL!

Now that you are here on the pumpkin farm website of all pumpkin farm websites (not a legal claim, for the record!), we thought it would be fun if you could read for yourselves what people are saying about this year’s pumpkin festival in Homer Glen. We are just a short drive out of Chicago, so be sure you think of us if you need to go pumpkin shopping, or you are interested in getting out of dodge for the day! We might be slightly biased, but we can’t think of a much better way to spend a crisp Autumn afternoon than to spend it at Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm.

But enough of what we think, let’s hear it from people who have been to the biggest pumpkin festival in our 37 year history!

“Compliments to the people working the fest. All were very friendly with smiles”

“This was our first time at Bengtson’s. We brought our 5 yr old grandchild and we all had a very fun day. It’s well organized and kept clean throughout the day (no overfull/overflowing garbage cans). It was a little expensive but what isn’t these days. Compliments to the people working the fest. All were very friendly with smiles and that can make your visit all that more pleasurable.” Paul R. – 9/30/17

Paul, thanks for taking the time to let us, and our prospective visitors, know about how your time was at our pumpkin patch. We are thrilled to learn you found our pumpkin farm clean, organized, and a great time. The point about the overall cleanliness is a testament to our dedicated staff. We understand that you don’t want to go a pumpkin farm to find the place looks like a dump, not unlike some county fairs we’ve all been to in the past. You won’t find that at Bengtson’s!

“Love Bengtsons”

“Love Bengstons, our family ‘n friend’s been coming here since forever. Every year we recruit a different group of people that haven’t been here before, always without a bad experience. Ty for being our family too.” Tammie K, 9/30/17

Thanks, Tammie, we appreciate your kind words, along with the fact that you are essentially advertising for free for us! Bringing a new group every year to help spread the word is music to our ears. And you are welcome, Tammie, we feel like you are our family too, and we are happy to open up our pumpkin farm/home to you!

“It gets better & better every year”

“We’ve been going to Bengtson’s for years. It gets better & better every year. This year there’s new rides, an amazing petting zoo for the kids & amazing food. You have to try the tacos, they are amazing!!! The kids love the rides, especial the train ride. Great little haunted barn & Halloween shops. Good for a day of fun for everyone.” FrankL3333, 9/29/17

Thanks, Frank. We didn’t include the four 3s when addressing you, because we assume that isn’t your actual name. If it is, we apologize and say, that’s an awesome name, Frank. Anyway, we are glad the whole family enjoyed the new rides, great food, and some of the old classics. You are not wrong about El Taco Cocina’s tacos, either. They are simply fantastic! Thanks again, Frank.

“It’s our favorite fall tradition!”

“We’ve taken our girls every year since they were born (this year is 6!) and every year it gets better! They’re always adding more rides and photo opportunities. It’s our favorite fall tradition! It’s definitely worth the money for admission, and if you can go during the week it saves a little bit and is way less crowded.” Jessica S., 9/27/17

Coming to see us for six years in a row is no small feat, so we thought we would honor such an accomplishment with a quick shout out to Jessica and her whole family! We also thank you for your kind words, not to mention your savvy tip about saving money on admission by coming during the week. Check out our Hours and Rates to get details on which day might work best for your crew.

Come See Us Before Halloween!

The season goes by so quickly, it’s hard to believe that it’s almost already over. In just a few short days, Halloween will be here, and we all have to wait until next year for the fun to start again. You can also go into town to look at all of the Christmas decorations that stores (and some houses) have already hung up. As for ourselves, we will be taking a little break before moving onto any other holidays.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this quick look into what people are saying about our pumpkin patch near Chicago. We’ve got new rides, new attractions, plus all the same classics that make people want to come back year after year. Thanks for reading and make sure you come and see us before October 31st!