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Pumpkin Production: America Loves Pumpkins

From pumpkin-spice everything to the perfect pumpkin pie after a filling Thanksgiving feast, America just seems to have an obsession with all things pumpkin-related. Where are all of these round, orange vegetables (arguably fruits, it’s an age-old debacle) coming from? It’s a great question, and as pumpkin enthusiasts ourselves, we figured that we may as well take a closer look at pumpkin production here in the United States.

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Pumpkins Are All Over The Place In The U.S.

While only six states account for nearly half of U.S. pumpkin production, pumpkins are actually grown in just about every state. It’s fair to say that our country’s love of pumpkins and pumpkin-related things has skyrocketed in the past several years, or even longer. Indeed, according to the USDA, the United States’ overall production of pumpkins rose by over 30 percent from 2000 to 2014, reflecting the rising demand for pumpkins as food and as ornaments. In fact, pumpkins have become so massively popular in recent years that the Economic Research Service has created a special webpage on pumpkin-related data. That’s pretty neat if you ask us.

Illinois And Pumpkins

As it turns out, our very home state of Illinois is actually the nation’s top producing pumpkin region. Though most of our output is processed pumpkin (like canned pumpkin for pies), Illinois did report what was known as the “great pumpkin shortage of 2015.” The reason for this devastating shortage was due to heavy rains during the planting season in central Illinois, which to us is nothing shy of a tragedy. We’ve been fortunate since then, as the weather has allowed for ample pumpkin growth.

Consumers And Pumpkins In The Last Decade

Production of pumpkins in the United States rose from 1.46 billion pounds (still an impressive number) in 2000 to 1.91 billion pounds in 2014. Per capita use rose from 4.6 pounds to 5.4 pounds during the same time period, and as you can imagine in today’s day and age, the demand for specialty pumpkins also increased. A nice change of pace from the traditional orange pumpkin, names like Big Mack, Knucklehead and Cinderella are available in different skin textures and nontraditional pumpkin colors like green, white and yellow or green stripes. Pumpkin-flavored coffees and seasonal craft beers also utilize a fair amount of our nation’s annual pumpkin production totals, pumpkin-spice lattes included, of course.

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