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Reasons To Love Thanksgiving

With a belly stuffed full of turkey (and stuffing) and quality time with family and friends, it’s not as if we need anything else to make us love and appreciate Thanksgiving. And yet, because we’re such huge fans of this festive and magical time of year (only Halloween comes before Thanksgiving here at Bengtson’s), we simply love writing about everything related to fall holidays, or ‘fallidays,’ if you will. Bad jokes and over-enthusiasm aside, if you enjoy eating great food and being merry as much as we do, then our Homer Glen pumpkin patch is sure that you’ll enjoy today’s blog.

We’re very passionate about everything pumpkin-related at Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest for reasons that can be explained by taking a close look at our name. Though we’re continuing to blog passionately about fall festivities long after our favorite holiday of Halloween is over, pumpkins are still an important part of November and Thanksgiving. With a bigger and better pumpkin fest near Chicago planned for 2018, it’s worth staying tuned to our blog.

Now, let’s get to the stuffing of this post.

Putting On Those Extra Pounds Is Completely Acceptable

It’s the middle of fall, with winter fast approaching. Staying in shape and trimming down that figure is a different story during the summer, but gaining a few pounds from all that wonderful Thanksgiving feast food and sugary Halloween candy isn’t going to hurt. Plus, it’s colder out, so you’re probably wearing a comfortable, ironically-dorky sweater anyway. It’s also more comfortable to wear pants that fit well without a belt, so that’s a plus.

You Can Get Cozy And Comfortable

Summer is brutal due to the sweltering heat and awful humidity. The moment you step outside into the blistering sun, you immediately start profusely sweating and overheating. Gross. The brilliance with cold weather is that you can always put on more layers and warm clothing, but with warm weather, you can’t just rip off your own skin when wearing any layer is just unbearable. Well, you can, but that won’t pan out too well for you.

Enjoy your time nestled up to the fire with a blanket and a hot cocoa, relishing the fact that it’s not over 95 degrees outside.


That’s right, we’re already back to more food. Perhaps they call this holiday ‘Thanksgiving’ because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. After cooking ridiculous amounts of food, here you are, left with a fridge full of well-contained leftovers. Take advantage of your relatives forgetting their leftover portions by freezing what you won’t eat in the next few days after your feast. Then, enjoy leftover turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes until you can no longer look at them for a whole month.  

Enjoying A Long Weekend

Sayonara, work! Leave behind the stress of the office and angry clients as you embrace the worry-free, gratitude-filled weekend that is Thanksgiving weekend. Unless your employer is Satan incarnate, you’ll get Friday off, bridging the gap between Thursday (Thanksgiving) and the conventional weekend. Besides, even if you did have to go to work on Friday, you probably wouldn’t be able to wake up anywhere near on time because you’re in a such a food coma from the evening before.

Black Friday Deals

This really isn’t what the spirit of Thanksgiving is about, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to get some fantastic deals on things that you were already going to buy anyway. Just make sure that you don’t get trampled to death in a Wal-Mart and you should be ready to reap the money-saving benefits of this time of year.

Bengtson’s Is Thankful For Your Patronage!

After 37 wonderful years of serving the Homer Glen area, our pumpkin patch near Chicago has a lot to be thankful for. We’re incredibly excited for next season by providing farm pumpkins and the best pumpkin festival in Illinois!