*Unfortunately due to post pandemic limitations resulting from COVID-19 Bengtson's Pumpkin Farm will not be allowing reservations for the following groups to visit the farm.

    School Groups
    Special needs groups
    Senior Groups
    Scout Groups

Please note:   Groups will not be allowed to enter through general admission under any circumstances !  These limitations are due to safety. This is for the safety of all our guests.

Please note: NO BUS PARKING - Our parking area can not accommodate bus parking.  Any group that requires a bus to travel to the farm will need to call the main office (708) 301-3276 and speak to someone about making arrangements. Groups that arrive in a bus may not be allowed to enter (not through general admission or group rates)  We appreciate your cooperation with these rules and limitations.

Corporate outings and business organized family days.

For any corporate outing requests or to purchase tickets in advance for any type of organization not listed above please contact Lisa@PumpkinFarm.com to discuss rates and details.