September 13th will be the 2019 Grand Opening !!!

Event Calendar

Our pumpkin festival events calendar is designed to help you pick the perfect day to visit our pumpkin farm. Although weekdays tend to remain the same throughout the month, Sunday October 28th All Herding Breed Dog Rescue will be here looking for adoptions and  forever homes for rescue dogs! Also special guests like Brent Brown and Britt Dignan performing live acoustic music on weekends and exclusive opportunities like visiting the blacksmith tent are only offered on specific days! But whichever day you decide to come visit our pumpkin patch, you can rest assured that the family will have a fantastic time eating delicious carnival food, enjoying wonderful fall activities with our host of attractions and rides. Really, there is something for the entire family, and this year is set to be our pumpkin festival’s biggest yet! Plan ahead before visiting Bengtson’s pumpkin patch and make the most of your trip!

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