Safely Making Memories

Bengtson Farm Guest Guidelines Covid-19
Corona virus warning

Bengtson Pumpkin Farm Single Pie Pumpkin

“Fall has arrived once again. This year it seems to have come quicker than ever. This past year has been a unique and unprecedented series of events that has brought great stress and division to the world we live in. Here on the farm we want to offer a place to spend some memorable time with the ones you love and enjoy a day outdoors. We realize there are many perspectives with which to see the world. While considering the constantly changing public opinion and the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic we wish to allow all of our guests to make an informed decision before they attend the festival this year. Our family and seasonal family will be implementing increased safety measures to decrease risk here on the farm. However we understand and respect there are many guests who may have an elevated risk level for health issues, these guests may want to consider the inherent nature of the activities involved in a visit to the farm. Please understand that this is a social event comprised of different groups that will be practicing social distancing whenever possible, attendance is optional “

— The Bengtson Family