Video Clips & News

There is a reason our family-owned and operated pumpkin farm keeps finding its way into the media, and that has to do with the pure excellence we try to exude in every aspect of our pumpkin patch and festival. We have professional and caring staff who take great care of our grounds, as well as numerous activities and pumpkin farm attractions that will appeal to the entire family. If you are looking for a better visual representation of what you will find at our close-to-Chicago pumpkin festival Discover a little more about what to expect when you visit Bengtson Farms below.

What to expect during your fun filled visit to our family farm.

See the farm from the all new “Witches’ Broom View” on our Fall Fest Fly by

Kettle Corn Magic! Bengtson Farm Has Chicago’s Best Kettle Corn

Chicago’s Best BBQ at Bengtson’s EVERYDAY!

A Visit From Our Friends At ABC 7 News

   A Visit From Our Friends At ABC 7 with the 190 North

Annual Filling of the ‘Jimmy Cracked Corn Bin’ We brought 1000 bushels of corn for you!!

These news clips can give you a glimpse of what you will find here on the farm.