Fun for the whole family.

Bengtson’s Barrel Blast

These family sized barrels are fun for the whole group. Hop in and take them for a spin (literally)! You can spin as fast you wish on this ride you control how wild it gets. Maybe you just want to just go for a leisurely whirl in the shade to feel the fall breeze in your hair. Either way you are sure to have a great time on one of the newest additions to the farm. A great outdoor activity for kids here on the farm. The Barrel Blast is a family friendly ride that is included with admission everyday.

~ 48” and taller can ride without an adult

~ 36” to 48” must be accompanied by a responsible  adult

~ No one under 36” permitted to ride  Barrel Blast

~ No one pregnant should ride.

~No Food or drinks allowed on ride

What Guests are Saying...

Make memories that last a lifetime!

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