Open November 2nd & November 3rd.

Pig Races

RACE TIMES: running 9-11x Daily!

Race times begin one hour after the opening time to each day. The racing pigs will run every hour on the hour.

Monday thru Thursday first race of the day is 12 noon and last race 8pm.

On Fridays, first race at 11am and last race is at 8pm.

On weekends that we open at 10am first race will be @11am,  (last race Sat at 8pm and Sundays 7pm) & on weekends that we open at 9am first race will be at 10am.

Hours posted at the pig races as well.

Suueee eeee….How do they run so fast?!! These porkers can really set a quick pace. Your family will “squeal” with delight watching our fast-paced pack of pigs race to the finish. Join in the action packed fun of our Pig Races. See if you can pick the pig that will win it all! Each show offers 3 different races; all unique and entertaining!

This is one attraction you do not want to miss! Get ready to cheer and laugh, fun for the WHOLE family!

Start the fun early. Be sure to catch the pre-show, presenting: “THE PRAIRIE DOGS” performing 10x a day at the Pig Races!