Rockin’ Rabbits

Hippety-Hoppety fun for the whole family

Rockin’ Rabbits is a family friendly amusement ride for anyone who wants to bounce into action.

During your visit to the farm be sure to enjoy one of the newest attractions on the farm. A one of a kind ride you won’t find anywhere else that lets you hop-hop-hop your way to a fun filled day here on the farm. These rabbits have room for two if your little one shouldn’t be riding their very own rabbit yet you can ride along with them to show them how it is done. After all, a first ride is a memory you will want to share with your little ones. Who says kids have to have all the fun?

Minimum Height Requirement:     42” inches

Minimum Height With an Adult:    34” inches

34-42“ must be accompanied on the ride

with someone 16 years or older

Under 33” not permitted on the ride.

NOTE:  Children 34” - 42” MUST BE

accompanied by someone 16 or older

~ Solo riders must remain in back seat

No Food or Drinks allowed on the ride

What Guests are Saying...

Make memories that last a lifetime!

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