Come Out and Enjoy Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm and Fall Fest

The Bengtson Farm 2018 Fall Fest is now underway, and we have to say that it’s better than ever! With nine unlimited rides to enjoy every day, there’s a whole lot to love whether you’re visiting with your family or you’re here with your significant other for a date. As the Midwest’s premier fall festival as well as the longest running pumpkin farm attraction, there’s plenty to see and do while you’re here. Prefer to take a leisurely stroll around the farm? You can do that! Would you rather experience all of the great foods we have to offer? You can do that too!

We strive to be one of the best pumpkin farms in the Chicago area and with nearly four decades under our belts we think that we have perfected everything we have to offer at Bengtson Farms.

What’s New At Bengtson’s Pumpkin Patch?

A visit to Bengtson Farm in 2018 is just you need to get into the spirit of fall! It is everyone’s favorite season, after all, and there’s no better way to have a bit of fall fun. Whether you’d like to ride the train, see the fall flowers that are in bloom around the farm, watch the skeleton band, or pet the animals at our petting zoo, you’re sure to have the time of your life.

If you’ve visited in the past, you might think you know what to expect, but the truth is that we have plenty of new things in store this year for our guests! Don’t worry, because we still have our famous fresh apple cider donuts available and all of the things that you’ve loved will still make an appearance. It’s just that we’ve added to the mix as well. (Speaking of the apple cider donuts, head on over to our Facebook page for an inside look on how they’re made and be sure to give us a like while you’re there to stay up to date with what we have going on!)

We have new salsas, sauces, jams, and more, as well as different flavors of churros for those who enjoy culinary delights.

When it comes right down to it, there’s so much that’s new and improved at Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest 2018 that you’ll just have to come on out and see for yourself what we have in store for our guests this season!

Bengtson Pumpkin Farm Hours

First things first. If you’re looking for a Bengtson’s coupon, you won’t need one this year! With discounted weekday admission, you can enjoy the lowest price without the hassle of needing a coupon. It doesn’t get much better than that! Get the Bengtson Farm discount just by visiting on a weekday and you’re sure to have the time of your life exploring the area.

Find Our Hours and Rates Here 

There’s plenty of free parking onsite and the area is mostly paved. There are some gravel paths, but for the most part you can expect to get around rather easily even with the little ones in tow. We know that a big part of the draw for families is the fact that we offer nine unlimited kiddie rides and we’ve made it simple to navigate to all of the best kid-focused areas of the park.

Whether you’re here for the pig races, the petting zoo, the fun barn, or the pony rides, we just know that the whole family will make some amazing memories that are sure to last a lifetime. For many, a trip to Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm and Fall Fest is a yearly tradition, but whether you’ve been coming for years or you’re new to the area, we’re certain that 2018 is our best year yet. That’s saying something because we’ve been in business for nearly 40 years now. We’re not saying any of this to toot our own horns or anything like that; it’s just that we’ve put quite a bit of work into the experience you’ll have this year and we truly believe that our guests will absolutely love the time they spend here.

Enjoy One of the Best Pumpkin Farms in Illinois

If you’re looking for a pumpkin patch in Illinois, ours is located in Homer Glen. Just about 40 minutes from Chicago, it’s the perfect way to spend a beautiful fall day. There’s something magical about this season–it’s everyone’s favorite for a reason, right?–and no matter your reason for coming or who you’re coming with, we think that you’ll have the time of your life during your visit! We’re happy to accomodate group outings so if you have a group that you’d like to get together, we’d be happy to help make sure your time here is a blast. Here are just a few ideas for the type of groups you can bring to Bengtson Pumpkin Farm and Fall Fest this year!

Birthday Parties

If you would like to treat your little one and his or her friends to a day of fall fun, what better place to do it than at Bengtson Farms? We have a number of great activities for kids to enjoy and they’re sure to love everything from the petting zoo to the rides to the food. Whether you have a small group or you’re planning a huge birthday bash, there’s nothing better than a day at our Fall Fest!

Corporate Parties

We pride ourselves on offering a fun experience for people of all ages, so if you’re in charge of organizing a fun day for your place of work, a trip to Bengtson’s just might be in order! Your employees work tirelessly for you day in and day out and there’s no better way to let loose and have some fun than by treating them to fresh apple cider donuts, pig races, and fun slides.

No matter the size of your company, we can help. Whether you have a group of 50 or 5000, we’d love to have you out to enjoy funnel cakes, roasted sweet corn, pizza, kettle corn, cotton candy, caramel apples, and more. Plan your trip to see us today!

Senior Group Outings

Planning a trip for a group of seniors has never been easier, and our mostly-paved pumpkin farm makes it easy for pretty much anyone to get around. There’s something special about this time of year and the population that’s advanced in years is sure to find something to enjoy during their visit.

Admission prices for senior group outings include a free pie pumpkin, pig races, petting zoo, fun barn, access to the General Store, and more! This is the perfect opportunity to get out for a day because the trip is at your own pace!

And More!

We’re also happy to help you organize a trip for a school group, Scouts or Brownies, or special needs groups. At the end of the day, the takeaway is that no matter the group you’d like to bring, we’d love the opportunity to work with you to make sure that your group has somewhere fun and exciting to go for the perfect fall trip to our Homer Glen pumpkin patch! Just contact us to get the process started. We’d be glad to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!


Enjoy the Best Attractions at Bengtson’s Pumpkin Patch

Over the years it’s become fact that our pumpkin farm attractions are second to none and as we’ve mentioned above, we aim to make 2018 our best year yet! Keep in mind that we’re only open until October 30, so be sure to carve out some time to visit us and start planning your trip now. In terms of attractions, our fall fest just can’t be beat. Here’s a look at just a few of the things you can expect to see this year. (Spoiler alert: they’re all wonderful!)

Over the years it’s become fact that our pumpkin farm attractions are second to none and as we’ve mentioned above, we aim to make 2018 our best year yet! Keep in mind that we’re only open until October 30, so be sure to carve out some time to visit us and start planning your trip now. In terms of attractions, our fall fest just can’t be beat. Here’s a look at just a few of the things you can expect to see this year. (Spoiler alert: they’re all wonderful!)

Pony Rides

Let the kids experience the joy of bonding with a pony. Children up to 80 lbs can enjoy something a little out of the ordinary. For $5 per ride, our pony rides are a blast, and they are located next to our petting zoo. Speaking of which…

Petting Zoo

Everyone loves baby animals, and the joys of a petting zoo are hard to beat! Be sure to bring a camera to the petting zoo because you’re going to want to capture all of the sweet moments where your children are petting baby goats. There are a number of different animals to see and pet and kids and adults alike are sure to have the time of their life getting up close and personal with the animals on our farm.

Pumpkin Chucker

Our pumpkin launcher is truly a sight to behold as it launches pumpkins over a quarter of a mile. There’s nothing in the world quite like experiencing the thrill of seeing a pumpkin hurling through the air!

Pig Races

Running every hour on the hour, the pig races are always a good time. Whether you’d like to make a friendly bet with your little ones about which piggy will win or you’d rather just sit back and enjoy the show, the pig races are sure to offer you a unique experience. There three different races for each show, and they’re all quite the thing to behold.

Corn Box

Did you know that Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm and Fall Fest is home to the largest born box in the entire United States? That’s a real feat, and with more than 280,000 lbs of corn (we did the math on that one, and 280,000 lbs is equal to 140 tons!) it’s a real treat. Snow angels are popular in the winter, but why not drop by and make a corn angel to celebrate autumn? It’s bound to be one of your new favorite fall activities.

And More

Other attractions include hayrides, a dancing cow coaster, free selfie booth, gemstone and arrowhead mining sluice, fun barn, haunted barn, twirling honey pots, a mega slide, and (of course) pumpkins! In other words, there’s a lot to enjoy no matter your age.

Be Sure to Bring Your Appetite

We touched on it above, but it bears repeating. There’s a lot of great food at Bengtson Farms. You’re welcome to bring food to leave in your car because it’s free to re-enter the park, but we think that the better option is to bring your appetite because there’s a lot of great food to eat during your visit!

From wooden paddle pizza to award winning barbecue to cotton candy to fresh apple cider donuts, the food here just can’t be beat. For many, all of the fall foods we have to offer makes up half of the reason for wanting to come back each year!

Check out the full list of Eats and Treats available at our pumpkin farm and start planning what you’d like to eat now. As you can tell, there’s no shortage of things to do during your visit, so you can easily spend a full day here. If that’s what you end up doing, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to foods to enjoy. You know, being unable to make a decision of what to eat because you have too many choices that sound great is a pretty good problem to have…

Plan Your Trip Today

Whether you’re visiting because of an annual fall tradition or you’re new to the Chicago area and you’re searching for a pumpkin farm in Illinois, Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest is sure to please! As we mentioned above, we’re only open until October 30. That means that you still have time to plan your trip, but because there’s a limited amount of time that we’ll be open it’s important to start planning today.

Take a look at a map of our farm as well as driving directions, and then figure out what day you’ll be joining us. There’s plenty of fun to be had at our fall fest and we think that you’ll have the time of your life no matter who you visit with. We look forward to seeing you out here!