This Ride Is Sure To Get Your Heart Pumping

The fun never ends when you visit Bengtson’s Farm! There’s no better place to kick up your heels and have a blast than Bengtson’s Farm Barnyard Dance Coaster. This whimsical spinning coaster is the perfect venue for all ages to have a great time. This peculiar spinning cow coaster is appropriate for all that dare to ride and boasts fun-filled musical details.

Roll into the Barnyard Dance Cow Coaster

An enjoyable time may be had by all members of the family at Bengtson’s Farm Barnyard Dance Coaster. Not only will you have the opportunity to go for a spin on a classic roller coaster, but you’ll also get to observe a wide variety of farm animals and gain insight into the behaviors that are unique to each species, indulge in some traditional foods, such as apple cider donuts, and engage in some traditional farm activities, such as milking cows and throwing pumpkins. You’ll have a great day taking advantage of all that this farm has to offer!

Ever Wanted To Ride A Spinning Cow?

At the fair, there are many different rides to select from, but this particular one is a favorite not just among children but also among adults. You will be rocking from side to side and going around in circles as you ride the Barnyard Dance Coaster, and you never know what the next surprise will be! You are certain to have a nice time thanks to the lovely theming and the music that will be playing in the background.

Get Your Picture Taken Riding The Dance Coaster

Barnyard coaster is the best chance to indulge and enjoy your way into a uniquely endless experience. We’ve got a bird’s eye view of your day. Please swing by and join us at our latest amusement park destination! With plenty of rides built with wild & wacky imaginations, you will definitely get your fun fix!

Come experience our Barnyard Dance Cow Coaster, a roller coaster that is both beautifully designed and well maintained. As you’ll notice on your record-breaking climb and mind-blowing descent for photo capturing as you’re going to encounter the craziest one you’ve seen to date, we take a lot of pleasure in our rails, as you’ll witness for yourself when you ride them.

Dance Coaster Precautions

Riding on the Barnyard Dance Cow Coaster is an exciting experience, but there are a few precautions we encourage you to take. First, make sure you are wearing closed-toed shoes. You don’t want to be kicking up your heels if you have sandals on, right? Second, make sure your belongings are secure. You don’t want them to fal9 off the ride! You’ll need to secure your belongings until you are back on the ground. We also recommend that you sit towards the center of the ride. This way, you’ll be able to be balanced and seated securely, which will help you enjoy your ride a lot more.

Everyone Should Try

You are going to be astounded by the speed with which our Barnyard Dance Cow Coaster will bring smiles to the faces of everyone in your family. It has been here on the farm for a long time now, but its appeal has not decreased ever since; in fact, many customers consider it to be the best part of their experience.